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That Actor Whose Name You Don’t Know: James Russo

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen James Russo more than once throughout several movies and even TV shows, but he’s usually the type of character that will play a lead in a movie or show that doesn’t get a lot of attention or will play a supporting character that is usually kind of rough or is someone that is there and then gone within a few scenes. One of his first and most memorable came during Beverly Hills Cop when he played the best friend of Axel Foley, Mikey. This role didn’t last long but helped to set up the rest of the movie since Mikey, who was a thief that had been hired by another, bigger crook, had stolen a sheaf of bearer bonds from his employer, who sent people to look for him. Mikey’s death was the inciting incident that set Foley on his way to Beverly Hills where he would eventually find the killer and the big boss that was responsible for Mikey’s death. From that point James kept moving forward as he took on several other roles, sometimes taking multiple roles in a single year as he would appear in various movies and TV shows one right after the other, which is impressive in a way since it shows that he’s always up for something and hasn’t been too terribly picky about what he does.
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