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Twitter Exec Runs Away From James O’Keefe After Being Caught on Hidden Camera

James O’Keefe attempts to give Twitter Lead Client Partner Alex Martinez an opportunity to clarify his comments about Twitter not being profitable because of their ideology. Martinez also made distasteful comments about Musk saying he was predisposed to saying “crazy sh*t” because of “he’s special” due to having Asperger’s. Martinez decided to run away through the streets of NYC instead of explaining his words. Musk would later respond to this video on Twitter.

College Republicans host Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe

O’Keefe discussed a wide range of his organization’s efforts to uncover what he referred to as “corruption” in the media and in politics. On Wednesday night, James O’Keefe, author and founder of non-profit organization Project Veritas, visited campus for a talk hosted by the Dartmouth College Republicans. Over the course of an hour, O’Keefe discussed his organization's work in front of approximately 100 guests. Topics included several cases Project Veritas covered of alleged corruption among political, media and private figures, which O’Keefe said amounted to “threats to democracy.”
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American muckrakers: Peter Schweizer, James O’Keefe and a rightwing full court press

The official investigation of Hunter Biden’s dealings in China and elsewhere rests in the hands of David Weiss, a Trump-appointed federal prosecutor in Delaware, and the US justice department under Joe Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland. Politically speaking, we now have Red-Handed by Peter Schweizer, who would very much like to help us digest the business past of the 46th president’s troublesome son.

The New York Times Is Protected by Freedom of the Press. So Is James O'Keefe.

A state judge yesterday issued an order that purports to constrain how The New York Times covers Project Veritas, a self-described "non-profit journalism enterprise" founded by conservative activist James O'Keefe. The Times, which is challenging the order, rightly notes that it raises serious First Amendment issues. But the paper itself seems confused about the rights guaranteed by that amendment, implying that "freedom of the press" is limited to "the news media." That interpretation is convenient for the Times, but it is not consistent with what history tells us about the original public understanding of the phrase.
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James O’Keefe – The Canary in the Coal Mine

Last week I wrote about how it seems we are fighting fascism. I want to explore a bit more on something I mentioned last week. I think it goes without saying, for anyone who has really considered it that the First Amendment is the most important Amendment and the reason it’s first is to protect all our other freedoms. We need free speech in order to discuss ideas and to evaluate their merit. We need a free press as accountability for the government and we need the right to be a watchdog for our government. Then there’s the Second Amendment. Two weeks ago, the FBI raided the homes of Project Veritas founder and CEO, James O’Keefe as well as the homes of his employees. It wasn’t enough to show up in the early morning with a battering ram at the front door and throw him ag.
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James O'Keefe challenges investigation in first interview since FBI raid

WASHINGTON (TND) — In his first interview since the FBI raided his home, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said he was “in a state of shock” as federal agents searched his New York residence for over two hours Friday. O’Keefe appeared with his attorney on Fox’s “Hannity” Monday night. The...