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BAFTA TV Awards: Sharon Horgan & James McAvoy-Starring ‘Together’ Beats Jack Thorne’s ‘Help’ To Single Drama

Click here to read the full article. The James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan-starring single BBC drama Together has won the BAFTA TV Awards for Best Single Drama. The show beat off competition from Jack Thorne’s Help for Channel 4, along with Sky Arts’ Death of England: Face to Face and Channel 4’s I Am Victoria. The one-off film from Shoebox Films, Sonia Friedman Productions and BBC Film followed a family through the Covid pandemic, taking a first-person camera approach. Collecting the awards, the execs read out a statement from the UK campaign group lobbying for an inquiry into Coronavirus. “The government’s response has gone from strange to careless to negligent...
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Marvel Fans and More Celebrate X-Men Star James McAvoy's 43rd Birthday

Happy Birthday, James McAvoy! The actor known best for playing young Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise as well as Lord Asriel in His Dark Materials, Bill Denbrough in It Chapter Two, an array of characters in Glass and Split, Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia, and much more, turned 43 on April 21st. Many fans have taken to social media today to celenrate McAvoy and it's not the first time in recent months that he's trended on Twitter. When a trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness included a mysterious voice that sounded an awful lot like Patrick Stewart, many fans were hopeful that McAvoy could also be showing up in the movie.
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James McAvoy stars in BAM's "Cyrano de Bergerac" in Brooklyn

NEW YORK -- Actor James McAvoy stars in an athletic revival of a classic play opening Thursday night in Brooklyn.Known to many fans as Professor Charles Xavier in the "X-Men" movies, McAvoy reinvents the warrior-poet Cyrano de Bergerac.There's no fake nose, period costume or elaborate staging in this production, and the unconventional love triangle between Cyrano, Roxanne and Christian is brought to audiences with beatbox, rap and a poetry slam.McAvoy spoke to CBS2 about what it takes to make this familiar story feel fresh and how he approaches his character."It's a classic story, just not told classically. It's told modernly, and it's told vitally," McAvoy said. "I think there's anger in the original character ... You can't fight that much, you can't fight as much as he does without wanting to. And that's the thing, he wants to hurt himself. I think he's one of those guys, doesn't fight because he likes punching. He fights 'cause he likes getting hit and because he hates himself.""Cyrano de Bergerac" is at the BAM Harvey Theater in Brooklyn through May 22.

‘American Buffalo’ Does The Talking For Mamet, And James McAvoy As ‘Cyrano’ Says It All – Theater Reviews

Click here to read the full article. Offstage, and sometimes on, David Mamet can be infuriating and exasperating, as anyone who has witnessed his recent nonsensical, offensive media blitz can attest, and then along comes something like American Buffalo – possibly his greatest work, all due apologies to Glengarry Glen Ross – with a cast so in sync with the playwright’s “profane poetry” that for a couple hours it’s not impossible to put aside whatever it is Mamet thinks needs saying on Fox News these days. Superbly performed by Laurence Fishburne, Sam Rockwell and Darren Criss, with director (and longtime Mamet...

Whose words have beauty his looks may lack? Cyrano de Bergerac! - The Jamie Lloyd Company's production starring James McAvoy comes to BAM

On April 5, director Jamie Lloyd’s Oliver Award winning revival of “Cyrano de Bergerac” will begin performances at Brooklyn Academy of Music, having run in the West End to great acclaim. For the production, Edmund Rostand’s classic text has been newly adapted from its original French verse into English (still verse) by long-working playwriting-maestro Martin Crimp. James McAvoy embodies the title character wholly and imbues the brilliant wordsmith he plays with humor and humanity. The swagger of this Cyrano is different and the entire story feels - if not new - more urgent. The production is stealthy in its minimalism and inspiring in its palpable adoration of language.

James McAvoy really doesn't miss playing Professor X

James McAvoy probably isn't going to be joining the roster of actors returning to their famous superhero roles. The actor played Professor Charles Xavier in Fox's X-Men films, and since the first trailer for Doctor Strange 2 included Patrick Stewart returning to his older version of the character, it's natural to assume the door is open for McAvoy to return as well.

X-Men Professor X Star James McAvoy Breaks Silence on Doctor Strange 2 Rumors

James McAvoy addressed those Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness rumors about him coming back to play Professor X. During an Instagram Live conversation, fans kept asking him about the whispers and he flatly replied, "NO!" So, that should clear things up, or at least it should. As longtime MCU devotees know, the actors involved in these projects are under strict orders not to divulge any spoilers or plot details before the release of a movie. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems like an especially big entry in Phase 4 of the franchise. Spider-Man: No Way Home opened up the gates to the Multiverse. However, that seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. The trailer for the Doctor Strange sequel sees Patrick Stewart as Professor X or someone just like him. So, things are going to get pretty weird, which means expect the unexpected.

James McAvoy Finally Reveals His Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Status

We're only over a month away from the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and while the film has been dropping major goodies as of late, the Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen team-up project is still shrouded by mystery. The biggest rumor surrounding the film involves the X-Men who are said to be making their official debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — well, some members of the mutants, at least.

James McAvoy Says He Won’t Appear In ‘Doctor Strange 2’ & Doesn’t Miss His Old ‘X-Men’ Role

The “X-Men” franchise, alongside “Blade,” were the first big box office hits for superhero films featuring characters pulled from the pages of Marvel Comics, sort of the precursor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s launch with “Iron Man” in 2008. You might remember that Kevin Feige got his start working for The Donner Company, the producers of the “X-Men” films, and was directly involved with those first couple of installments before leaving to run Marvel Studios. After the merger with 21st Century Fox and Disney, Marvel got their hands on the rights to make new “X-Men” and “Deadpool” films.

James McAvoy has addressed whether he will be in Doctor Strange 2

James McAvoy has shut down heavily circulating rumours that he will be appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. McAvoy has been a fixture in the Doctor Strange franchise and clued up Marvel fans assumed he’d be back for the next instalment in the movie as his version of Charles Xavier.