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James May Says That A New Dacia Sandero Is Better Than His $10,000 Bicycle

The third-generation Dacia Sandero debuted last year, and the reviews are coming in, including one from former Top Gear presenter, current Grand Tour presenter, and noted Sandero enthusiast James May. May has decided that, on balance, it is superior to his $10,000 bicycle. Now, I don’t know how much May...
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James May Explains Design Flaw With Tesla Model S

I don’t know about anyone else, but this makes me miss my ’77 Chevy Stepside pickup since it was so easy to do EVERYTHING to that vehicle, and trying to steal it in an era when no one wanted it would have been pointless for anyone that wasn’t desperate. Granted, a person might have to be desperate AND have a working knowledge of what’s needed to boost a Tesla in order to make this work, especially if the batteries weren’t charged. A battery running flat is something that can happen to be fair, and a lot of us have probably had it happen. But the whole thing about older cars and even contemporary vehicles of today is that all you really need is one or two tools, a pair of jumper cables, and you’re in and ready to do some work. But just looking at a Tesla makes little to no sense unless one is able to look at it and tear the thing apart with their eyes and then their hands. Putting in two separate batteries feels like a serious design flaw, but if it makes sense to those that don’t have a Tesla then so be it. But a battery that stops charging instead of charging the second battery that’s responsible for the door locks and everything else sounds like something that was designed by someone that was trying to be smart but somehow forgot they were reinventing the wheel with an interchangeable chunk missing that was somehow thought to be a great idea. Okay, that came out in a strange way, but it’s kind of hard not to when someone goes and designs a car that is essentially useless unless both batteries are charging and one is able to take the Tesla apart ‘just in case’ the interior battery doesn’t charge.
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James May Had To Dismantle His Tesla Model S To Charge A Battery

James May didn’t use his Tesla Model S for a bit, but left it plugged in, making the reasonable assumption that the whole car would stay charged while it sat parked. He was wrong. As May explains in the video, Teslas have two batteries: the massive one underneath the car...
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James May Is Annoyed at His Tesla Model S Battery

James May knows his way around cars. As the co-presenter of Top Gear alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, he has been well-versed in cars for many years. After leaving his Tesla Model S plugged in while he was away, he returned to a dead electric vehicle in his garage.
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James May Is “P****d Off” With His Tesla After He Discovers Huge Design Flaw

James May has shown a huge interest in the future of motoring with him investing his own money in not only a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai, but also an all-electric Tesla Model S. Not long ago he sold the Mirai despite really liking the car, simply because it was too difficult to run with the severe lack of hydrogen fuel stations, but his love the Model S was still going strong. That was until now, anyway.

James May Teaches Us How To Cook The Perfect Steak

In the most recent FoodTribe video, our favourite celebrity chef, James May – yes, he’s a chef now if you still didn’t know. Have you not watched Oh Cook yet? – shows us how to cook the perfect sirloin steak alongside a peppercorn sauced sourced (see what I did there?) from FoodTribe’s own Lucy Brown.
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James May Reacts To YouTuber’s Cars: TJ Hunt, Jeffree Star, Gordon Ramsay, Etc

The Grand Tour presenter James May has strong opinions on cars. Thankfully, he’s got plenty of experience in the motoring industry thanks to his time in Top Gear and working for some of the most popular car magazines in the world. This gives these opinions some serious backbone, so it’s no surprise that DriveTribe is going to make the most of this with the guys over there showing May some of the most popular YouTuber cars on the internet right now to get some words from May.

James May says young drivers are penalised by theory test rules

The Grand Tour’s James May has called on the government to extend the two-year validity of driving theory test certificates. His plea comes as many learners have been unable to take driving lessons, or the practical test, during the Covid-19 lockdown. Leaner drivers with expired theory test certificates have to...
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Top Gear Vets Jeremy Clarkson, James May And More Honor Sabine Schmitz After Death At 51

The Top Gear family just experienced a major loss, as Sabine Schmitz, the German racing veteran who served as one of the show’s presenters, has died. Schmitz had been battling cancer since 2017, something she made public just last year. The beloved presenter was only 51 at the time of her passing. Now, many Top Gear alums like Jeremy Clarkson and James May are taking the time to pay tribute to their late colleague.
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Top Gear: What Happened To Jason Dawe After Being Replaced By James May?

There are dark times in the history of Top Gear. There was once a time, for example, where Richard Hammond hadn’t yet crashed, or even taken his first steps onto the Top Gear Test Track. In fact, the track didn’t even make an appearance until Top Gear’s new beginning in 2002 with Jeremy Clarkson firmly at the helm of the show alongside Richard Hammond and Jason Dawe. Wait… who?
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James May Reacts To His Top Gear Botswana Special Mercedes Being Found

James May has now reacted to his Top Gear Botswana Special Mercedes W123 being found by a YouTuber earlier this year. He discusses his thoughts on the car during a DriveTribe video. He explained that while he very much liked the car, describing it as “possibly the world’s best car”, he didn’t want to bring it home and restore it.

James May Sees The Point Of The Fully-Electric MGB From RBW Classic Cars

Remember, there is no donor car here: this is a brand new classic MG roadster with a fully-electric powertrain. You’d expect James May, an automotive guru now almost in his 60s, to be be really into the classic cars that marked his youth. However, he’s actually kind of against driving classic cars and he’s more interested in the really modern stuff, preferably with an electric powertrain.
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James May Reviews An All-Electric MGB Roadster In The Grand Tour Style We Miss

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to watch an all-new car review by either Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, or James May on The Grand Tour. With the Amazon show taking a different form with only special-type episodes, we’re unlikely going to see another review from our favourite trio on TV. But this doesn’t mean they won’t be publishing reviews to their site, DriveTribe.