James Hong

Actor James Hong on his amazing longevity

Over nearly seven decades, James Hong has racked up more film and TV credits than almost anyone. Even more impressive, the character actor did so while confronting demeaning stereotypes in Hollywood. Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz talks with the constantly-working 93-year-old Hong about a career that began with entertaining U.S. troops during the Korean War, and extended to such treasured films as "Chinatown" and "Big Trouble in Little China." (Originally broadcast January 23, 2022.)
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James Hong and 9 Legendary Actors Who Appeared in Over 100 Movies

Actors breathe life into their characters and the story through their performances. They transform themselves by adapting the personality, appearance, and mannerisms of their characters. Seasoned actors, whether part of an acting family or otherwise, have dedicated most of their lives to telling stories of all stripes. There aren't many,...
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With nearly 700 credits at age 93, legendary actor James Hong isn’t done yet

In 1953, James Hong left Minnesota with a buddy in a Buick and hit Route 66, bound for California. After serving in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, during which he put on shows for his fellow troops, the Minneapolis native planned to spend a summer in Los Angeles before resuming his engineering studies back home. Then an unlikely big break changed his life: impressing Groucho Marx with an impression of Groucho Marx on an episode of “You Bet Your Life.”

Honoring James Hong

Two weeks ago, James Hong got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!. This acclaimed actor, producer, and director was born in Minneapolis in 1929. This is a photo of him from our collection in 1935. From left to right it shows Betty Moy, James Hong, Oy Huie, and Jade Hong.

James Hong: The Prolific Character Actor Who Is Game for Anything

You just can’t stop James Hong. Even at age 93, the actor appeared in two of the more noteworthy movies of 2022 so far — Turning Red and Everything Everywhere All At Once. And considering the work ethic of the veteran character actor throughout his career, this should come as no surprise. It's also no surprise that he continues to be a joy to watch every time he shows up onscreen. With his IMDb acting credits totaling more than 500, he is arguably the most prolific actor in history. This is no doubt due to a willingness to take bit parts in a wide range of movies, TV shows, video games, and pretty much any medium befitting of his talents, and what’s amazing is how much of an impact he’s able to make with each character he plays, even when most of them rarely appear for more than a scene or two.

James Hong finally gets a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, aged 93

Beloved character actor, producer and director James Hong has finally received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Los Angeles, six decades into his film career. The Chinese-American icon, who boasts credits on 469 TV shows, 149 feature films, 32 short films and 22 video games – across a career that has seen him act alongside stars from Clark Gable to Seth Rogen – became the oldest person ever to receive a star on the Walk Of Fame on Tuesday (May 10).

Watch James Hong perform alongside lion dancers at historic Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

Veteran actor James Hong received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Tuesday, making history as the oldest person to accept the honor at 93. Hong was joined by celebrity guest speakers Daniel Dae Kim, who championed the fan campaign to get the actor the star in 2020, and Jamie Lee Curtis at the celebration, where he joined in for a traditional Chinese lion dance put on by the Shaolin Entertainment Group to bless the occasion.