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James Carville frets no one 'fears' the Democratic Party: 'You can't govern without fear'

Democratic strategist James Carville said that no one "fears" the Democratic Party, adding that "you can't govern without fear" during an MSNBC segment Tuesday. "And the problem Democrats have, Ari, is that no one fears us," Carville said. "They are weak and all they are going to do is talk bad about each other. Literally, you can’t govern without fear. You can’t have a political party."
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Friday, March 18th: James Carville, Mary Hackley, David Yovanno

James Carville shares his thoughts on Putin and contemplates the possible outcomes and consequences of the conflict in Ukraine. Mary Hackley promotes the documentary "Calendar Girl" and talks about it's subject, Ruth Finley. David Yovanno analyzes customer's behaviors and how that has caused businesses to partner together to improve consumer experience, more information can be found in his book, "The Partnership Economy."

James Carville weighs in on future of LSU athletics

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James Carville Dismisses Jan. 6 Committee’s Influence on Midterms: ‘People Want an Election About Their Lives’

Democratic strategist James Carville expressed doubts the Jan. 6 committee’s forthcoming findings will help Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. The House select committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol has subpoenaed more people closer to the inner circle of former President Donald Trump in recent weeks. CNN...