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James Cameron Wasn't Very Concerned With Explaining How Avatar's World Would Work

One might be able to blame the ascendency of geek discourse for this, but many conversations about sci-fi and fantasy properties have begun to skew incredibly literal. This may only be based on anecdotal evidence, but a recent conversation (on social media, natch) about the upcoming film "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" calls into question Shuri's ability to best Namor in hand-to-hand combat. This sparked a miniature conversation about how audiences need to witness training and preparation in order to understand preparation happened. Audiences, it seems, would prefer not to fill in the gaps with their imagination. Of course, as Stan Lee himself helpfully pointed out, the winner of the fight is whoever the writer wants. Let's not get hung up on technicals.
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James Cameron Explains The Origins Behind Avatar's Unobtanium

There are certain moments in cinema history you remember as real groaners. I believe kids today call it "cringe." Sometimes it's a brief moment from a movie, like the awkward John Cena love scene in "Trainwreck." Other times, you realize the entire direction of the film is about to go very wrong, like when Luke Skywalker chucks his lightsaber over his shoulder in the early moments of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."
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Why James Cameron Doesn't Think He Could Pull Off His Own Aquaman Movie

James Cameron's track record is, frankly, impressive in any universe. In ours, he's helmed some of the highest-grossing films of all time, but Cameron is an equally successful director in the world of "Entourage." Cameron famously played himself in the HBO series, but with one small difference: Before breaking the box office with "Avatar," he directed movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) in an adaptation of "Aquaman." The fictional version of the film boasted a pretty solid cast, with Mandy Moore, Ray Liotta, and Sharon Stone supporting. And seeing as this is James Cameron we're talking about, the film was another massive hit, surpassing Tobey Maguire's "Spider-Man" in its opening weekend and kickstarting a lucrative franchise.

Titanic Turned Kate Winslet Off Working With James Cameron

I was a heavy Titanic nerd as a teen; if you ever needed to know how many rivets held the ill-fated ship together, I was your guy. I read Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember" over and over, and I spent many hours poring over those haunting images of the wreck in Robert Ballard's "The Discovery of the Titanic." As a result, I was pretty sniffy about "Titanic" when it first hit theaters.

James Cameron was drugged making Titanic by an angry crew member

The production on the hit drama movie Titanic wasn’t all plain sailing, after its director James Cameron was reportedly drugged during the shoot by an angry crew member. The disaster movie may have made a boat load of money at the box-office, but the whole thing could have been pushed off course by one disgruntled employee.

Laugh all you want at Avatar 2, history will vindicate James Cameron

If you’ve ever discussed Avatar with someone, then I’ve no doubt you’ve seen at least one variation on these stunningly brave comments: ‘Name the main character in Avatar?’ ‘Can you describe three scenes from Avatar?’ ‘Avatar is just Dances with Wolves with blue people.’

Why James Cameron Insisted On Aliens' Down-To-Earth Dialogue

James Cameron's horror sequel "Aliens" has some of the most quoted lines of any blockbuster movie. To this day, fans tell each other to "stay frosty," and "Game over, man!" has become a pop-culture fixture repeated around the world. Starting with survivor Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), Cameron expands the players of Ridley Scott's 1979 film "Alien" to include gun-toting Colonial Marines who look forward to engaging with the same sort of alien xenomorphs that decimated the Nostromo crew. They insult each other just enough to make it believable that they would actually die for one another later on when the bullets start flying. Through their fictional grunts of the future, their dialog echoes the language of American soldiers past, what critic Jean-Marc Lofficier characterizes as "'Hellcats of the Pacific' in space."

Why James Cameron Came Back To The Terminator Franchise

Although he designed the movie to be sequel-proof, Cameron began to reconsider his position after "Judgement Day" hit theaters. By 1995, he told Variety he was "ready to direct" a third "Terminator" film under his new deal with 20th Century Fox, just as soon as he finished a project he was working on about the Titanic. Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman and CEO Bill Mechanic said the studio was more than happy to wait until Cameron was free to helm "Terminator 3," stating it "just doesn't make sense" to make a "Terminator" sequel without him. He was perhaps more right than he knew.

Can Avatar Sequels Work Without James Cameron?

If you claim that you’re not excited for the next Avatar movie, The Way of the Water, you’re probably lying. Some of you may truly not be, but we need to be real here. That first movie didn’t become the highest grossing movie of all time for no reason. Yes, you can say it’s just Dances with Wolves with blue people all you want because it’s pretty accurate. But no matter how many ways you try to criticize it, the one thing that everyone needs to agree on is its director’s ability to make box office hits. If you ask me, Avatar can only work when the great James Cameron is helming it. That’s why I’m one of those people who is very excited for The Way of the Water. Oh yes, all the haters will probably see it as well, whether they want to admit it or not.

Avatar sequels are like The Lord of the Rings, says James Cameron

James Cameron is one of Hollywood’s most successful and profitable directors. Still, when fans heard of his plans to turn his 2009 science fiction movie Avatar into a five-movie franchise, it is safe to say that we were all a bit shocked. Many cinephiles are still wondering if the box-office king of tinsel town can really pull the Avatar-verse off. However, in a recent interview with Empire, Cameron has shared the reasoning behind his multi-sequel decision – and spoilers, The Lord of the Rings is involved.

James Cameron is OK with fans leaving to pee during Avatar 2

Much like his fellow directing legend Ridley Scott, James Cameron is not one to mince words on a press tour. Regarding the seeming lack of cultural impact made by Avatar since it was released 13 years ago, Cameron is not worried. He seems confident that audiences will come back for the sequel being released in December 2022, and says he doesn’t care if you have to have a toilet break during the movie.

Avatar’s James Cameron Explains How Lord Of The Rings Influenced His Pitch For The Sequels

Avatar’s lore is about to expand as James Cameron prepares to unleash Avatar: The Way of Water and Avatar 3 over the next few years. As any great filmmaker does, Cameron drew from multiple sources to craft the film series and its story. One source might be surprising to some but made sense given its success as an encompassing franchise. The Avatar director explained how Lord of the Rings influenced his pitch for the upcoming sequels.