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James Blunt says coronavirus has been a 'blessing in disguise'

James Blunt has described the coronavirus pandemic as a "blessing in disguise" for his career in music. The 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker had been set to go tour before the global pandemic caused the industry to be put on hold and James suggested that it allowed him to take so much-needed time away from music.
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James Blunt: 'Covid-19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise for me'

James Blunt considers the Covid-19 pandemic a "blessing in disguise", because it forced him to take some much-needed time away from music. The singer had been due to head out on tour when the worldwide health crisis halted events and festivals around the globe. And while he is looking forward to getting back on the road, James seized the opportunity to spend time with his loved ones, who include his wife Sofia Wellesley and their two sons.
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James Blunt Finds His Hit Song ‘You’re Beautiful’ to Be ‘Annoying’

For many music listeners in the early 2000s, no song was more touching than “You’re Beautiful.” Written and performed by English singer/songwriter James Blunt, the single debuted in 2005 and became a worldwide smash. In the years since, even though Blunt has released many other songs, “You’re Beautiful” has remained his most iconic hit, consistently getting radio airplay and earning new fans.
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James Blunt uses taxpayers cash to furlough up to 25 staff at his Chelsea pub - after singer worth £14.5million LAUGHS off suggestion he's run out of money from 2004 hit single 'You're Beautiful'

Singer James Blunt has claimed taxpayers cash through the government's Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to furlough staff, despite being worth an estimated £14.5million. The You’re Beautiful musician, 46, is the sole director of pub business Blunt Trading Ltd, which has 25 employees. He owns the gastropub the Fox and Pheasant...
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James Blunt gets treasured possessions back after Ibiza home break-in

Singer James Blunt has recovered a haul of sentimentally valuable items which robbers stole when they ransacked his Ibiza home, including a pocket watch which belonged to his grandfather and a bayonet from his time serving in the British Army in the Balkans conflict.Blunt, his wife Sofia Wellesley and their two children were not at the house when thieves ransacked the property place last month.After the singer offered a reward for help in finding the haul of goods, they were recovered by police who said on Friday they had arrested two men who allegedly carried out a series of robberies at luxury homes on...

James Blunt to get stolen property back

James Blunt is to be reunited with the family heirlooms that were stolen from his Ibiza home after police arrested two men they believe to be responsible for the theft and seized a string of stolen it. James Blunt is to be reunited with the family heirlooms that were stolen...
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The Real Reason James Blunt Regrets His Biggest Song

For any musician, it can be thrilling to finally land it big with a hit song. What's less thrilling is if that song does not quite match up with the artist's initial expectations. Sometimes, musicians are embarrassed by their first singles as they develop and mature in their craft. Other times, the whims of record labels and producers may take precedence over genuine artistry. In either case, plenty of singers are known for popular songs from which they would rather distance themselves.