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Carlos ‘HaHa’ Davis and Jalen Rose joke about comedy and fame

This week’s episode of “Renaissance Man” is dedicated to those people living in their mom’s basement. My guest was once dwelling in his mother’s subterranean space, where, in 2013, he started making online comedy sketches. Now, he has more than 7.5 million Instagram followers, a bona fide stand-up and acting career, and a fan base that includes Snoop Dogg, Chance the Rapper and yours truly. And my Motown brother Carlos “HaHa” Davis has some advice for big dreamers who were once in his situation. “The only thing I would tell them, that I stick to all the time, is to never allow...
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Jalen Rose talks hip-hop and hoops with Fat Joe

I’ve been friends with my “Renaissance Man” guest for years and thought I knew everything about him. But during this episode, Fat Joe, dropped a bomb on me. “You know, I made an album with Biggie Smalls,” he casually said. Excuse me, Mr. Joseph Cartagena? “[Biggie] was like, ‘You’re gonna be the Spanish don. I’m gonna be the Black don.’ It was that time with the East Coast, West Coast [battles]. And, you know, we’re dissing people and all that. So Puffy [Sean Combs] buried that because it’s for the best because we love the West Coast, we love everybody and...
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and hoops with Fat Joe

Jalen Rose Addresses Stephen A. Smith Rumors Amid His Divorce From Molly Qerim: ‘It Was Laughable to Me’

Jalen Rose has opened up about his divorce from Molly Qerim last year, and has addressed the rumor she has since begun dating Stephen A. Smith. In an extensive interview with GQ, Rose spoke about his basketball career, and the challenges that come with broadcasting after spending so many years on the court. He was also directly asked what happened between him and Qerim. The two announced they were divorcing in December, although Rose initially filed for divorce in April that year.

Video: Jalen Rose says "Celtics clearly are better without Kyrie Irving"

Everyone is jumping on the Celtics bandwagon. This morning on ESPN's Get UP, Jalen Rose procalimed that the "Boston Celtics clearly are better without Kyrie Irving." Of course we already knew that, but nice to the national media finally coming around. Lots of love for Marcus Smart in this segment as well.

Jalen Rose talks image with ‘family-friendly’ Wayne Brady

There’s a reason why Wayne Brady is an old-school, multidimensional talent, who can seemingly do everything: sing, dance, act, improv comedy, host and produce. First of all, the man works hard. And then there was his childhood. “My grandmother didn’t let me watch a ton of TV,” the Orlando, Florida-reared performer told me on this week’s “Renaissance Man.” “So, the things that we watched were like a lot of PBS because she didn’t want me to watch the things that she thought at the time were fast. So, we ended up seeing the greats like Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier and Sammy...

Jalen Rose Says Utah Jazz Should Trade Rudy Gobert Instead Of Donovan Mitchell

View the original article to see embedded media. The Utah Jazz won their first playoff game of the postseason against the Dallas Mavericks away from home. Normally, this would be an excellent result for the Jazz, but the fact that they did it so unconvincingly when the Mavericks were missing their only superstar in Luka Doncic, has somehow raised more questions than it has answered about the Jazz.

Jalen Rose Takes A Shot At James Harden: "His Stats Look Like Concert Tour Dates.”

If the 76ers plan on making it far in these playoffs, they're going to need James Harden at his absolute best. Unfortunately, as Jalen Rose pointed out on NBA Countdown, Harden hasn't exactly been playing up to par lately. Averaging just 21 points on 40% shooting, Rose wasn't shy about demanding more from the 10x All-Star.

Too $hort talks to Jalen Rose about his long legacy, Tupac and MC Hammer

If you were writing the hip-hop dictionary, this Bay Area legend would be responsible for a large portion it. And listening to Todd Shaw, also known as Too $hort, on this “Renaissance Man” episode is like taking in a history lecture on the rap culture and the slang that just rolls off the tongue today. He came around in the ’80s, when he planted seeds of inspiration that would manifest itself in the work of so many huge rappers like Snoop Dogg and Outkast. Naturally, his earliest influences came from New York City. “Right when I moved to Oakland, that’s when Sugar Hill...