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Voters want full report from Sen. Jake Corman

In February, Pennsylvania state Sen. Jake Corman, (R-34th District), said on WPSU that he planned to check with other states to determine the best voting system for Pennsylvania. This shouldn’t be difficult to do for a person who likes to travel the country for political purposes. We assume Senator Corman...

Jake Corman

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Small Town, Big Influence: Two of the top legislative leaders in Pennsylvania – Jake Corman and Kerry Benninghoff – call Bellefonte home, providing a link to the town’s storied political past

There are four major pillars that hold up the impressive dome of Pennsylvania’s beautiful Capitol. Within those pillars are little alcoves that feature life-size statues of important state figures, symbolizing them as pillars of the commonwealth. Being a history buff, state Representative Kerry Benninghoff cannot help but feel a sense...