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Jake Atlas domestic violence case gets dropped

The domestic violence case against former WWE NXT and AEW wrestler Jake Atlas has been dropped. TMZ first reported Tuesday that Orange County (Florida) officials canceled a Tuesday hearing following an investigation in which "it is the opinion of the writer that this case is not suitable for prosecution." The...
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Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against Jake Atlas

Jake Atlas is reportedly free of the domestic violence charges filed against him last month. As you may recall, the former AEW and WWE NXT star was arrested late last month and charged with misdemeanor battery (domestic assault) after an incident in which police responded to a call in which he allegedly tried to attack his partner (who will remain unidentified here) and caused a minor wound before a witness pulled him away.
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Criminal Charges Against Jake Atlas Have Been Dropped

As previously reported, Jake Atlas was detained on May 23, 2022, and misdemeanour battery charges were brought against him. According to a update on the incident, authorities have decided not to press charges against him, and the case has been dismissed. According to a document acquired by TMZ, which was filed last week, “from the investigation which has been made, it is the opinion of the writer that this case is not suitable for prosecution.”

Jake Atlas not expected back in AEW

Former WWE NXT and AEW wrestler Jake Atlas isn't expected back in AEW, Fightful reported Tuesday. It's the latest development in what's been a tumultuous few years for the 27-year-old. Fightful also cleared up some confusion regarding Atlas' contract status with AEW, saying that according to multiple sources, he was...

Jake Atlas Reportedly Finished with AEW Following Arrest and Injury

Jake Atlas is said to have left AEW. As previously reported, Atlas was arrested in Orlando on Monday, May 23 for domestic abuse on his long-term spouse. For more information on the arrest and incident, click here. Atlas was arrested while recovering from a ruptured ACL suffered in a bout against Adam Cole on AEW Rampage on January 7th, which was only Atlas’ second match for the company. In mid-February, he had surgery.

Jake Atlas, AEW Wrestler, Arrested for Domestic Violence

Jake Atlas, a former WWE NXT star who is currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has been arrested and charged with domestic battery. According to PWInsider (per Wrestling Inc.), police responded to a report of domestic violence at the home of Atlas on May 23 in Orlando, Florida. Atlas reportedly called his longtime partner to come pick him up after drinking at "Big Daddy's Roadhouse" the previous night. After Atlas' partner arrived at the bar, Atlas encouraged him to say.

AEW's Jake Atlas Charged W/ Domestic Violence After Allegedly Scratching Boyfriend

AEW star Jake Atlas has been hit with a domestic violence charge ... after he allegedly scratched his boyfriend following an argument over a sexual encounter. According to police documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, Atlas was arrested on May 23 after cops say the 27-year-old wrestler's boyfriend and a witness told them Atlas became very aggressive following a night of drinking.

AEW's Jake Atlas Arrested and Charged With Domestic Battery

Jake Atlas, a former WWE star who signed with AEW back in January, was arrested back in May 23 and charged with a misdemeanor battery (domestic assault) charge on his partner, according to a police report obtained by PWInsider. He was released from jail later that same day and is scheduled to be in court in Orange County, Florida on June 28.

AEW's Jake Atlas arrested on domestic violence charge

AEW's Jake Atlas was arrested in Orlando, Florida on May 23 on a misdemeanor battery (domestic violence) charge. Atlas, real name Kenny Marquez or Kenny Martinez based on court documents, was arrested in the early hours of Monday, May 23 after an incident that began at an Orlando bar and continued at a friend's house.

Jake Atlas Reportedly Arrested, Charged With Domestic Assault

WWE NXT alum and AEW roster member Jake Atlas was reportedly arrested last week and charged with domestic assault. PWInsider reports that Atlas, real name Kenny Sanchez Martinez, was arrested on May 23rd after police responded to a domestic violence call at his and his partner’s (who will remain unidentified here because they are a victim of domestic assault and may or may not be publicly out of the closet) home in Orlando at 12:57 in the morning.

AEW Star Jake Atlas Arrested

Former WWE and current AEW star Jake Atlas (real name Kenny Sanchez Martinez) was arrested on May 23rd in Orlando, Florida. According to the police report, Atlas was charged with misdemeanor battery (domestic assault) on his partner of several years. The report notes that officers responded to a domestic violence...

Jake Atlas Has “Soulmate-Like” Relationship With AEW Original

Although he wasn’t able to have many matches in All Elite Wrestling before being sidelined from an unfortunate ACL tear, Jake Atlas is looking ahead to future opponents. One person he has a long history with is current AEW Tag Team Champion, Jungle Boy. In a new interview with...

Jake Atlas On His Friendship With Jungle Boy, Comparisons Between Them

Jake Atlas has a longtime friendship with AEW’s Jungle Boy, and he recently discussed their relationship during a new interview. Atlas, who is signed to AEW but out of action with an ACL tear, spoke with Highspot Superstore’s Turbo Tuesday and discussed his friendship with Jungle Boy; you can check out the highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):