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Jake Abel to Reunite With 'Supernatural' Brother in 'Walker'

The Winchesters brothers are reuniting but in a different universe as another Supernatural alum actor Jake Abel joins Jared Padalecki on Season 3 of The CW series Walker. Abel took to Instagram to make the announcement, he captioned a picture of himself with Padalecki, “Reunited and it feels soooo good. Be sure to watch my first episode THIS THURSDAY!” Seems like he has joined the cast in a recurring guest role starting his stint with the upcoming episode. Per a report in Deadline Abel will be playing Kevin, a politician and the mayor’s chief of staff who will grow close with Cassie (Ashley Reyes), who is compelled to “confront her aversion to dating,” per CW’s episode description.
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Supernatural alum Jake Abel to reunite with Jared Padalecki on Walker

There's a Winchester brother reunion happening in Austin, Texas!. Jake Abel is the latest Supernatural alum to join Jared Padalecki's current project, Walker. As Supernatural fans know, Abel played Sam (Padalecki) and Dean's (Jensen Ackles) half-brother, Adam, on the long-running series. Adam first showed up in the series' fourth season before playing a major role in season 5's Michael vs. Lucifer showdown. (When Dean said no to being Michael's vessel, Adam said yes.) In the end, Abel's Adam was trapped in the cage with Lucifer for a very, very long time. But years later, in Supernatural's final season, Abel returned — playing both Michael and Adam — and fans were given a bit of closure on the character.
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