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Thor Star Jaimie Alexander Teases Red Sonja Movie Role

Thor star Jaimie Alexander may have a role in the upcoming Red Sonja movie. Marvel fans already know that Alexander will return as Asgardian warrior Sif in Thor: Love and Thunder. She'll be sticking to the fantasy warrior mold if she joins Red Sonja, the film about the swords and sorcery comic book character inspired by the works of Conan the Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard. Alexander shared an Instagram story in which she suggested she's digging into the Red Sonja movie's script as "light reading" on a plane flight. That's not confirmation that she's in the movie, but it seems like she may have been offered a part.
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Jaimie Alexander Teases a Potential Role in the Red Sonja Reboot

Jaimie Alexander Teases a Potential Role in the Red Sonja Reboot. A few months after drafting Hannah John-Kamen to headline its Red Sonja reboot, Millennium may be courting another MCU alum to join the movie’s cast. Earlier today, Jaimie Alexander posted a photo on her Instagram stories that shows the title page for the reboot’s screenplay, which indicates that the studio has her in mind for a role in the film. Check out the image (via ComicBook.com) below.
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Thor Star Jaimie Alexander Celebrates Movie’s 10th Anniversary

Time sure does fly, huh? May 6th, 2021 marks ten years since Thor was first released in theatres. Many people have taken to social media to celebrate the movie's milestone, including some of its stars. Jaimie Alexander, who made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Lady Sif in the movie, was one of many people to post about the film's anniversary. The movie, which was helmed by Kenneth Branagh, spawned two follow-up films, Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. Lately, many returning stars have been busy filming the fourth movie, Thor: Love in Thunder. In fact, this will mark Alexander's first appearance as Lady Sif since guest-starring in two episodes of Agents of SHIELD post-The Dark World. It was reported that she wrapped filming her role in Love and Thunder back in March. However, today is all about the movie that started it all!

Thor: Love and Thunder's Jaimie Alexander Reportedly Wraps Filming

Filming on Thor: Love and Thunder continues in Australia, even though some of the movie's cast members have started to wrap their respective roles on the project. Just a few weeks after production officially kicked off, virtually all cast members for Guardians of the Galaxy wrapped their roles on the production. Now, Jaimie Alexander — the actor that plays Lady Sif in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — has signaled her time on the movie has also come to a close.

Thor: Love and Thunder's Jaimie Alexander Done Filming Her Lady Sif Return

EpicStream News Writer Living in between movies and reality: Powernapper by day, Superwriter by night. Jaimie Alexander is returning in Thor: Love and Thunder after years of not being on screen, she’ll be back and she reportedly finished filming her scenes for the upcoming Thor sequel. The latest Thor installment is having its filming in Australia and some of the cast members have already finished filming their parts.
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THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER - Sif Actress Jaimie Alexander Has Arrived In Australia Ready To Start Shooting

Thor: Love and Thunder has assembled an incredible cast, with the Guardians of the Galaxy showing up to the party, and Christian Bale taking on the role of the villainous Gorr the God Butcher. There are some huge returns too, though, with Natalie Portman coming back as Jane Foster (transforming into the Mighty Thor in the process), and Jaimie Alexander now seemingly confirmed to play Lady Sif.

Thor: Love and Thunder: Lady Sif Actress Jaimie Alexander Heads to Australia as Filming Begins

Now that principal photography on Thor: Love and Thunder should soon be underway — if it isn't already — Jaimie Alexander is heading to Australia to reprise her role as Lady Sif at least one more time. Weeks after the character was announced to return in Thor 4, Alexander shared an image to her Instagram profile, telling fans she's heading to the land down under as she departs from New York's JFK Airport.
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Jaimie Alexander Teases Lady Sif's Marvel Return for 2021

After a year that felt like a decade, it's finally 2021 and making it to the new year felt like no easy task so it's no surprise that many folks marked the end of 2020 with an attitude of kicking the old year to the curb. That includes Marvel star Jaimie Alexander. The Lady Sif actress shared her sendoff of the old year to Instagram on Thursday with a pair of screen shots of the Asgardian warrior kicking an Airstream RV out of the way back during the first season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. in a post that sums up a lot of fan feelings about sending off 2020 and leaves them hoping for more from the character in 2021.