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'A firm no for me': Jagmeet Singh slams door on idea of Liberal-NDP coalition

OTTAWA – NDP leader Jagmeet Singh poured ice cold water on rumours of a possible deal between his party and the Liberals saying any formal coalition is a non-starter. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content. “There is no discussion at all of a...
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Jagmeet Singh Has Discovered ‘Animal Crossing’

Curious Animal Crossing players can now step into a very orange-hued private NDP “island” set up in the final days of Canada’s federal election campaign—a virtual village-slash-virtual campaign headquarters-slash-homage to leader Jagmeet Singh. Beyond the mini NDP signs and an archway of silver and gold balloons, players can duck into...

TikTok star Jagmeet Singh courts youth vote in Canada election

As soon as his news conference ends, Jagmeet Singh pulls out his phone, gathers the crowd for an Instagram video and leads them in song, jumping and spinning in place while filming. As he campaigns ahead of next week’s snap elections, Singh, the 42-year-old leader of Canada’s leftist New Democratic...

Jagmeet Singh Is Young, Popular, and Optimistic. But That’s Not Enough.

Jagmeet Singh’s Punjabi poutine food truck wasn’t supposed to break down, but you could argue it was endearing—or at least funny—that it did. Prior to making an appearance at the campaign’s first French-language debate on Sept. 2, the New Democratic Party leader hosted an event in Montreal where the plan was to hand out batches of his fusion recipe, which includes onions, garlic, turmeric, and cubed sweet potatoes instead of the traditional fries, gravy, and cheese curds of the famous Québécois dish.

Dr. Jagmeet Singh Recognized as a 2021 Top Physician Under 40

Dr. Jagmeet Singh Recognized as a 2021 Top Physician Under 40. Guthrie Nephrologist, Dr. Jagmeet Singh has been named a 2021 Top Physician Under 40 by the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED). “The future of the house of medicine in the Commonwealth is bright indeed,” said David Talenti, MD, vice president...
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Jagmeet Singh is not Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare after all

This piece has been updated. Jagmeet Singh, the head of Canada’s New Democratic Party who is mounting a second campaign for prime minister, sent out a tweet the other day about his love of crayons. “Growing up, I had lots of crayon options to draw colourful turbans,” wrote Singh, the...

"Yum Yum!": Jagmeet Singh Shares Epic Pasta Recipe on TikTok

It looks like the viral baked feta pasta might have a challenger. Perhaps in celebration of his petition resulting in Canada formally declaring the Proud Boys a terrorist organization earlier this week, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh took to TikTok last night to share his recipe for a simple pasta he calls “creamy buttery garlic parmigiano tagliatelle.”