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Jacob Bertrand on How Hawk Will Handle Joining Daniel & Johnny’s Dojo

During the first season of “Cobra Kai,” Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) changes his appearance and personality after joining the Cobra Kai dojo, owned by Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). The martial artist, who used to be a timid “Doctor Who” fan, becomes increasingly aggressive and harasses his former best friend, Demetri (Gianni Decenzo). In season 2, episode 5, Hawk vandalizes the Miyagi-Do Karate dojo owned by Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). His behavior only worsens during the show’s third season. He brutally beats up Brucks ( Bo Mitchell), who used to bully him, and later breaks Demetri’s arm. However, the teenager eventually regrets his past actions and manages to mend his friendship with Demetri. He also becomes a student at Daniel and Johnny’s joint dojo.
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Why Jacob Bertrand Is Against Hawk & Demetri’s Reconciliation

During the first season of Cobra Kai, Eli Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) and his best friend Demetri (Gianni Decenzo) are relentlessly bullied by the popular students at West Valley High School. The teenagers decide to join the Cobra Kai dojo, owned by Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka), to learn self-defense. After Johnny makes cruel remarks about the facial disfigurement on his upper lip, Eli decides to cut his hair into a mohawk as a way to distract from his scar. His new hairstyle inspires Johnny to give him the nickname Hawk.
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How ‘Cobra Kai’ star Jacob Bertrand, 21, connects with young fans

Jacob Bertrand never imagined that he would be a role model to kids — until he took on the part of Eli Moskowitz (Hawk) in “Cobra Kai.”. In the Netflix series, which is based on the “Karate Kid” movies, the 21-year-old’s character has a cleft lip, which inspired him to join forces with nonprofits including Smile Train and connect with young fans.
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'Cobra Kai' Season 3: Jacob Bertrand Discusses the Future of Hawk's Mohawk

[Editor's note: The following contains spoilers through the Season 3 finale of Cobra Kai.]. How about that Cobra Kai Season 3 finale fight? Yet again, the show delivered an epic showdown with wildly impressive camerawork and fight choreography, but even more remarkable is how many key story beats and character arcs shine through, even amidst all that action. We’ve got Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) getting back to fighting form and Sam (Mary Mouser) finally facing Tory (Peyton List), but a personal favorite is something I’ve been eager to see since Season 1, Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) and Demetri (Gianni DeCenzo) joining forces again.