Jaclyn Hill


Jaclyn Hill shares update on ex-husband Jon via Instagram

Famous YouTuber and entrepreneur Jaclyn Hill took to Instagram in June 2022 to reveal that she is getting married. Jaclyn’s news prompted many people to comment on her IG post including some of her celebrity friends like Taylor Lautner. However, in an Instagram Q and A posted on July...

Jaclyn Hill calls out “toxic” Instagram messages shaming her for eating

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has called out “toxic” Instagram messages from people shaming her for eating Mac and Cheese during her weight loss journey. YouTuber and Beauty guru Jaclyn Hill explained in her October 18 upload that instead of a crash diet, she’s focusing on making healthy choices that will impact her lifestyle long-term.

Jaclyn Hill Addresses Doubts About Attempted Kidnapping

Jaclyn Hill is responding to critics accusing her of "lying" about an attempted abduction from this past weekend. And while many fans took to the comments to leave supportive messages, some accused her of "lying" and "crying wolf" in an attempt "to stay relevant." Meanwhile, others claimed that the timing was "fishy" given the recent backlash surrounding her new bronzers, which were criticized for their limited shade range.

Jaclyn Hill hits back at accusations of “lying” about attempted kidnapping

YouTube star and makeup mogul Jaclyn Hill is slamming accusations of fibbing about being the victim of an attempted kidnapping, which she detailed in a shocking Twitter thread. Jaclyn Hill is a well-known name in the YouTube beauty community. Boasting over 5 and a half million subscribers, Hill has diversified...

Jaclyn Hill hits back at vegan YouTuber for criticizing her “incredibly unsafe” diet

YouTuber and beauty guru Jaclyn Hill has responded to fitness and diet influencer ‘Freelee the Banana Girl’ for criticizing her diet and appearance in a divisive video. Leanne ‘The Banana Girl’ Ratcliffe has been creating content on YouTube for over a decade. The Australian influencer makes a living hawking her ‘frugivore’ diet and earthy lifestyle of ‘living off the land’ to her nearly 1 million combined subscribers.

Trisha Paytas and Jaclyn Hill repair friendship after 2020 public spat

Trisha Paytas and Jaclyn Hill have seemingly repaired their friendship after a positive exchange on social media, which included an apology, and revealed they’re on good terms once again. Trisha and Jaclyn started feuding back in 2020 when Trisha posted a photo of her hugging Jaclyn’s ex-husband, Jon Hill. Eventually,...

Jaclyn Hill Met Boyfriend Jordan Farnum Through Her Ex-Husband

If you've been watching Jaclyn Hill's makeup videos since the beginning of her vlogging career in 2011, then you'll remember her marriage to drummer Jon Hill. The couple wed back in 2009, before Jaclyn's YouTube career took off, and they often posted content together. While Jaclyn and Jon showed the...

Jaclyn Hill Launches New Poutspoken Lip Collection

Jaclyn Hill has launched new makeup! The YouTube star's brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics, dropped their new Poutspoken Lip Collection -- the first lip product range since facing backlash on her first lipstick line in 2019. The brand new lip range features the Poutspoken Liquid Lip in 15 shades and the Poutspoken...