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We Asked Jackson Galaxy: Why Is My Cat Pooping Outside the Litter Box?

A common frustration among cat owners is the litter box. Specifically, why do cats poop outside the litter box? Even more specifically, what can be done about the messiest, smelliest part of cat ownership life? Jackson Galaxy, a world-renowned cat behavior and wellness expert, gave us the scoop on how to figure out why your cat is pooping (or peeing!) outside the litter box. Honestly, Jackson Galaxy completely changed the way we view litter boxes and our relationship with them. Get ready to have your mind blown.
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Jackson Galaxy and His Journey to Becoming the Cat Daddy

This friend to felines everywhere learned on the job at an animal shelter before becoming an expert. Cat Behaviorist Jackson Galaxy is an entrepreneur, Animal Planet star, YouTuber and book author with an entire line of cat-care products. He adores all animals, but cats hold a special place in his heart. He made it his life’s goal to save every homeless cat in the country and gained the well-deserved title of Cat Daddy. Although he spent much of his life advocating for the happiness of cats and cat guardians, it was not Galaxy’s lifelong dream to be the Cat Daddy, nor did he initially intend to devote his entire existence to cats. Let me tell you a tail.