Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper and the paper-thin case against Walter Sickert

Jonathan Jones’s review of the Walter Sickert exhibition at Tate Britain gives fresh credence to the idea that Sickert had some connection to the Jack the Ripper murders (Walter Sickert review – serial killer, fantasist or self-hater? This hellish, brilliant show only leaves questions, 26 April). In his acclaimed 2005 biography of Sickert, Matthew Sturgis includes a comprehensive demolition of the whole myth, including a detailed examination of the matter of the letters and the matching paper, mentioned in your review. Jones gives the source of this information as the catalogue of the Tate Britain exhibition; it seems that its curators have not been keeping up with the literature.
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Was Jack The Ripper A Former University of Michigan Student?

Over the last 130+ years, there have been many speculations and theories as to the identity of the infamous serial killer, 'Jack the Ripper'. Some of them seem plausible, others far-fetched. The descendant of a former UM student totally believes his ancestor was indeed the Ripper. The suspect is Herman...
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‘Sick entertainment’: London Dungeon slammed for gender-swapping Jack the Ripper on International Women’s Day

The London Dungeon has come under fire for changing the gender of Jack the Ripper from male to female as part of its theme for International Women’s Day.On Tuesday 8 March, the tourist attraction revealed its “Jack becomes Jackie the Ripper” exhibit and questioned if the “notorious killer [was] actually a woman”.The decision to swap Jack the Ripper’s gender to female was based on the story of convicted murderer Mary Pearcy, who was posited as a “suspect” in the infamous killings by author William Stewart in 1939.According to MyLondon, a spokesperson for The London Dungeon said: “With men often stealing...

London Dungeon changes Jack the Ripper into woman for International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day and with it comes celebration for the remarkable things women have done throughout history. Many people have taken to social media to share their tributes of the special day. The London Dungeon, however, is now facing backlash for the way they chose to commemorate the holiday. For some reason, which many are struggling to understand, London Dungeon thought the best way to honor the day was by renaming the murderous Jack the Ripper to Jackie the Ripper.No, we're not joking."Today is the day murderous females get the recognition they so rightfully deserve, @LondonDungeon for one day...

This Month in True-Crime Podcasts: Con Men, Mobsters, and Jack the Ripper

The true-crime-podcast universe is ever expanding. We’re here to make it a bit smaller and a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows, and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the noteworthy and the exceptional. Each month, our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists picks its favorites.

Ghost’s new album Impera features a song about serial killer Jack The Ripper

Ghost’s leader Tobias Forge has described the subject matter of his band’s forthcoming fifth album, Impera, as “dark shit”: evidence of this comes with the fact that the album’s final track, Respite On The Spital Fields, deals with the climate of fear which engulfed East London in the aftermath of the five 1888 murders attributed to the Victorian-era serial killer known as Jack The Ripper.

Jack the Ripper in Norfolk? The mysterious tale of James Maybrick’s ties to the grisly murders — and his own bitter end

It was the mid-1990s, and Norfolk librarian Peggy McPhillips’ phone rang. It was someone with a British accent. The person wanted to know if the library had any handwriting samples of a James Maybrick, a British cotton merchant who lived in Norfolk during the late 19th century. McPhillips was used to getting requests. But more calls came in the months that followed, all asking for the same, ...