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Karl Urban Had Jack Quaid Afraid For His Life Behind The Scenes Of The Boys

Working with Karl Urban sounds like it can be kind of an adventure, though maybe not the kind that "The Boys" co-star Jack Quaid wanted to go on. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight along with fellow "The Boys" co-star Laz Alonso, Urban revealed that shooting one sequence on season 2 absolutely terrified Quaid, though when you find out why it's kind of hard to blame him.
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The Boys star Jack Quaid joins Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer

At this rate, you, dear reader, may be cast in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. Jack Quaid, of The Boys and Scream 5, has joined the cast of the upcoming drama movie, though his role is a mystery. Deadline reports the news, stating that Quaid has joined as an as-yet-undisclosed character....

'Oppenheimer': Jack Quaid Joins the Stacked Cast of Christopher Nolan's Next Film

Moviegoers are fixated on all the upcoming 2022 film releases, but one of the 2023 releases currently picking up steam is Christopher Nolan’s next film, Oppenheimer. The upcoming film chronicling the creation of the atomic bomb has amassed a stacked cast list, and another member has just joined: Deadline reports that The Boys star Jack Quaid has signed onto the film in an undisclosed role.

The Boys Season 3 Is The Most 'Messed Up' So Far, Jack Quaid Teases

Once upon a time, you could gather the kids, tune into the latest superhero romp, and make a cheerful family affair of it all. You can pretty much still do that ... but you best check the rating before pressing play. You never know when the supes invading your home will be a lot less kid-friendly than expected and instead err on the side of power-crazed lunatics.

The Boys Star Jack Quaid Promises Season 3 Is Even More Messed Up

In a series with shape-shifters posing as dead lovers, babies with laser eyes ripping people in half, and beached walls torn to shreds by speeding boats, Amazon Prime Video's The Boys has set a high bar for insanity. You wouldn't be alone if you said you expected the show's upcoming third season to up the ante even more, something the series has continued to do with each passing episode, but one of the stars has confirmed it. Speaking in a new interview, Jack Quaid, who plays the part of Hughie Campbell in the series, promised things are "more messed up" in season three but also teased that he thinks it's the best yet.