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Jack Monroe asks followers to stop telling her she ‘looks thin’

Jack Monroe has called on her followers to stop sending her messages to say that she “looked thin” during a TV appearance.On Friday morning, the writer and campaigner appeared onGood Morning Britain to discuss energy companies that have announced record profts amid the cost of living crisis.“This is the doomsday scenario that you were predicting, you and Martin Lewis and others have been looking into this for a long time,” she said, addressing the presenters. “When you see these record profits today, and Centrica saying ‘we’ve suspended our dividends to our shareholders and it’s the first year we’re doing it,...
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Jack Monroe says those who bought a house before 2000 have ‘no idea’ of cost of living for millennials

Cook and anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has revealed just how tough it is for people to get on the housing ladder in 2022.It comes after Monroe quoted a tweet that said: “Who remembers living in a house without central heating, no double glazing, no loft insulation etc. and waking up and scratching pictures in the ice on the inside of the windows?”Taking to Twitter, Monroe said those who use “back in my day” accounts of what life was like for them when they were younger are “romanticising the unimaginable struggle of an era when the average house cost one and...

Jack Monroe hints at libel action against Tory in food bank row

Anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has hinted at libel action against a Conservative politician who claimed they were profiteering from the poor.Lee Anderson, MP for Ashfield, suggested the activist was “making money off some of the most vulnerable in society”.His comments came during an interview with Reclaim Party deputy leader Martin Daubney where the pair discussed Monroe’s recent criticism of Anderson.“I donate money out of my own pocket to this food bank, given up time delivering meals with the local chef in all weathers, getting out to people that’s most desperate in need,” the MP said.“Isn’t it funny – I’m...

‘Bootstrap Cook’ Jack Monroe just shut down a Tory MP on food banks with a single blog post

Somehow, several right-wing commentators and politicians are yet to realise that arguing with food poverty campaigner Jack Monroe about food banks is only going to get you publicly owned – and no conservative likes that.Yet Monroe was forced to pen a blog post on Thursday tackling inaccuracies about this very subject from this very group of people, who she branded “the darlings of the white wing”.In the post, shared on their official website, the author known as The Bootstrap Cook wrote: “[They’re] falling over themselves in their haste to ask the burning question about food poverty. “No, not ‘why on...

8 genius tips for zero-waste cooking from Jack Monroe

As climate fears and the cost of living crisis dominate headlines, leaving many families scared about what the future holds, activist, cook and writer Jack Monroe is trying to change the way we eat – with waste in mind. They have partnered with Twitter to create a thread accessible...

Jack Monroe had the perfect response to man who suggested those on the breadline could live on cheap pasta

Writer and poverty campaigner Jack Monroe had the best response to someone who suggested those on the breadline should just eat budget pasta. “Politics enthusiast” Kevin Edger retweeted a BBC article in which a nurse and mum-of-three tells of how she skips meals to feed her children.The Tory supporter reshared it along with the message: “Yet you can buy a big bag of dried pasta, that would feed a family, for about £0.50p….“If you shop and cook properly, you can eat healthy meals really cheaply.”He added: “I would love to see how she spends her salary…”Sign up to our free...

Jack Monroe divides opinion with tip for cooking fish in pineapple juice amid cost of living crisis

Anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has divided opinion with a ‘budget hack’ for cooking fish with tinned pineapple to save money on soaring energy bills.The British cook, who has been tweeting regular tips to help people combat the cost of living crisis through what they eat and how they cook, wrote: “My budget cooking hack of the day: you can ‘cook’ fish with canned pineapple, without using any fuel.”She continued: “Chop fish into pieces. Mix with a can of pineapple in juice. Add salt, lemon/lime juice, pepper. Fridge for about 3 hours. Your fish will be cooked when you go back...

Jack Monroe says families need urgent help with rising bills

Anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has urged the government to help low income families hit hardest by rising bills. The food writer joined a panel speaking to the Work and Pensions Committee about the cost of living crisis. The panellists asked the government to step in with urgent changes to the...

Cost-of-living crisis will prove ‘fatal’ for people in Britain, Jack Monroe warns MPS

Food insecurity causes a “never-ending loop” of difficulty, that will prove “fatal” in some cases, anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has told MPs.Laying out the dire potential consequences of a deepening cost-of-living crisis, Ms Monroe warned that there are “millions of children living in poverty in Britain today” whose families’ financial situations have become “increasingly untenable” over the past decade."The impact of the cost of living crisis on those households is going to be, in some case fatal and that's not a term that I use lightly,” Ms Monroe told the Commons Work and Pensions Committee.MPs were told that people who...

Cost of living crisis will be ‘fatal’ for some children in poverty – Jack Monroe

Food writer and campaigner Jack Monroe has told MPs that the impact of the cost of living crisis on the “millions of children living in poverty in Britain today” is “going to be, in some cases, fatal”, adding: “And that’s not a term that I use lightly.”The food poverty campaigner told the Work and Pension Committee that the home situation of children living in poverty was “already untenable” and had been increasingly so over the last decade.Ms Monroe, who has argued that the increasing price of everyday essentials and decreased availability of value product lines had left poorer individuals seeing...

Jack Monroe tells Tory MP that the economy has been built 'on the bodies of dead people'

Jack Monroe has eviscerated the conservative government over poverty and issues with the economy.Speaking on Politics Live yesterday about the cost of living crisis, the campaigner and food writer told business minister Paul Scully how austerity had impacted the lives of vulnerable people and accused his party of rebuilding the economy "on the bodies of dead people". She said:"I really have to take issue with the fact that you said the government are not going to recovery the economy off the back of the lowest paid people because that has been conservative policy for the last 12 years."Austerity led ideology...