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Jack Garratt 'finds catharsis' through his music

Jack Garratt is "finding catharsis" in songwriting. The 'Time' singer - who recently finalised his divorce from ex-wife Sarah after more than two years of marriage - admitted he still needs to figure out how to address recent events in his personal life through his music, but he "can only write" what he knows.
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Jack Garratt 'can't afford' to wait four years for his next album

'Time' singer Jack Garratt admits he needs to hit the ground running for his third album after the financial impact of the pandemic. Jack Garratt "can't afford" to spend years working on his next album. The 29-year-old singer - whose 2016 debut 'Phase' was followed by 'Love, Death & Dancing'...
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Jack Garratt, Sarah heading for divorce

London, March 25 (SocialNews.XYZ) Singer Jack Garratt has revealed and he and his wife Sarah are bringing their two-year-long marriage to an end. The singer took to Instagram on Thursday to inform fans that he is "tired" and "anxious" as he is undergoing the proceedings of the divorce.

Jack Garratt becomes ambassador for live music charity Stagehand

Jack Garratt has become an ambassador for the live music charity Stagehand and is set to raise awareness for the organisation in the coming months. The charity was founded in 1998 by the Production Services Association and provides financial support to members of the PSA, which encompasses all aspects of live music production.