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Michael Strahan shares bittersweet family photo after upsetting week

Good Morning America's Michael Strahan had a reason to smile on Friday, following a difficult week during which he received some very sad news. The TV star took to Instagram to post a rare family picture which had been created of his mother, Louise, and Michael’s late father, Gene, who passed away in September 2020.

Princess Diana’s Voice Coach Weighs in on ‘The Crown's Portrayal of Her (Exclusive)

Princess Diana's voice coach has weighed in on the ongoing debate surrounding The Crown's interpretation of real-life events. The Netflix original series depicts the British royal family through the decades of Queen Elizabeth's reign, beginning when she first became queen and currently going through to the '80s. With four seasons under its belt, the series has faced criticism and even calls for a "fiction" disclaimer.
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Why isn’t Hunter Biden being condemned for unacceptable use of the N-word?

The N-word is the most atrocious word in any language. Historically, it was the last word many heard before they were lynched or jumped off slave ships. It was the last word women on plantations heard before they were beaten and raped by their slave masters. It was the last word husbands and children heard before they watched slave masters snatch up their wives and mothers for the masters’ diabolical pleasures.

An unusual symbiosis of a ciliate, green alga, and purple bacterium

Dr. Sebastian Hess and his team at the University of Cologne's Institute of Zoology have studied a very rare and puzzling tripartite symbiosis. This consortium consists of a ciliate as host and two types of endosymbionts: A green alga and a previously unknown purple bacterium. Through genetic analyses of the pink-green ciliate, the researchers discovered that the endosymbiotic bacterium belongs to the so-called "purple sulfur bacteria" (family Chromatiaceae), but has lost the ability to oxidize reduced sulfur compounds, a hallmark of the other members of the Chromatiaceae. The genome of the purple bacterium is greatly reduced, suggesting that the bacterium became mainly specialized in carbon fixation through photosynthesis. It is probably no longer able to live outside of the host cell. Thus, the new bacterial species, Candidatus Thiodictyon intracellulare, is a notable exception among the known purple sulfur bacteria.

Adrian Grenier addresses fans calling Nate 'the real villain' of The Devil Wears Prada

You can always tell when The Devil Wears Prada is playing on TV; every time the 2006 blockbuster airs on cable, a viral tweet labeling Adrian Grenier's puppy-eyed, scruffy haired Nate - the boyfriend of Anne Hathaway's struggling magazine assistant, Andy - "the real villain" of the film surely follows. Now, 15 years into the ever-evolving discourse surrounding his character, Grenier spoke to EW about the criticism that took him (and his fellow cast members) by surprise.

U.S. bans dogs brought in from 100 countries with rabies risk

The ban is being imposed because of a spike in the number of puppies denied entry because they weren't old enough to be fully vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. U.S. health officials Monday announced a one-year ban on bringing in dogs from more than 100 countries...