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Jack Antonoff advised by fellow musicians

Jack Antonoff got advice from Bruce Springsteen, Lana Del Ray, Taylor Swift and Lorde for his new album. The singer-and-producer only shares his music for a small group of people before its released because he isn't trying to make a record for "everyone in the world" and he's thankful he can count a number of other artists among his inner circle because their feedback on upcoming LP 'Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night' was very useful.
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Zadie Smith Helped Jack Antonoff Write a Bleachers Song

Jack Antonoff’s impressive Rolodex is far from secret. The Bleachers musician and super-producer has worked for some of the biggest names in pop music, from Taylor Swift to Lorde to Lana Del Rey. He got Bruce Springsteen himself to sing on the song “chinatown,” the first single off Bleachers’ upcoming third album, Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night, out July 30. But the big names don’t stop there: Elsewhere on that album, Zadie Smith, the acclaimed writer of fiction and essays, has a songwriting credit. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Antonoff called opening track “91” “my favorite piece of writing on the record,” adding that “Zadie Smith, who I really love, kind of helped me frame it.” He continued that their collaboration was “remarkable, because I’ve never worked with someone who wasn’t in music.” Antonoff added that he more recently saw Smith near the recording studio Electric Lady in New York City and invited her in to hear some of the new album. “There was even a melody thing she had a note on,” he said, “which she was 100 percent right about.” Putting that past cabaret-singing experience to good use, we see.
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Jack Antonoff Wrote Bleachers’ Next Album After Breaking Up With Lena Dunham

Bleachers‘ upcoming album Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night may be a dance-ready ode to joy, but it first began while Jack Antonoff was in a dark place. The musician/producer recently announced his upcoming third studio album with the jubilant track “Stop Making This Hurt,” and he now says the record was born out of his painful breakup with Lena Dunham.

Lorde: Jack Antonoff is an ‘incredible collaborator’

Lorde has labelled Jack Antonoff an “incredible collaborator” after working with the singer on her new album. The musician, who is from New Zealand, has surprised fans with the release of her new single Solar Power, which was co-written by Antonoff. She told Apple Music she approached him with a...
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Lorde's 'Solar Power' Release Prompts Wave of Jack Antonoff Memes

Lorde fans are rejoicing after the singer's audacious return to the spotlight this week. After releasing eye-catching art for her new album earlier in the week, Friday morning saw the Kiwi hitmaker release the single and music video "Solar Power." The track is being hailed by critics as a summery...

Clairo announces Jack Antonoff-produced LP ‘Sling,’ shares song ft. Lorde

Not only does Clairo (and Phoebe Bridgers) sing on the just-released, Jack Antonoff-produced Lorde song "Solar Power," she also just announced her own Jack Antonoff-co-produced album Sling and released lead single "Blouse," which features backing vocals by Lorde. It's a gorgeous song that channels '70s folk but sounds entirely modern. Listen below. Clairo also just played the song on Fallon and you can watch that below too.

18 Things to Know About Jack Antonoff

You have absolutely listened to a Jack Antonoff record. The New Jersey-born Jewish songwriter and producer has worked with everyone from Taylor Swift to The Chicks to Troye Sivan, and performed his own music as part of the bands Bleachers and fun. It’s well past time we give you 18...

Jack Antonoff Talks Taylor Swift And Compares Making Quarantine Albums To Sourdough Bread

Jack Antonoff is readying a new Bleachers album, Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night, that’s set for release in July, so as part of the promotional cycle, the band stopped by The Tonight Show yesterday to perform “How Dare You Want More.” Elsewhere on the show, Antonoff sat down for an interview with Jimmy Fallon, where he talked about Taylor Swift, making music during the pandemic, and Bruce Springsteen.

Jack Antonoff Didn’t Care for All Your Little Quarantine Hobbies

Jack Antonoff went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss his new album, but somehow the conversation wound its way to how weird it felt to be an artist during quar. Because Antonoff is closed off from society when he makes an album, he had something of an identity crisis when everyone was forced to isolate. “I think about, like, sourdough bakers,” he said. “Because there’s a culture of people who make sourdough. And when the pandemic hit, how do they feel? Were they like ‘Great. Now everyone’s a fucking sourdough baker.” It’s a sentiment shared by comedian Chris Fleming, who made a whole song about how weird he felt when people with day jobs suddenly had as much time to pursue art as he did.

Jack Antonoff Asks Stubhub To Disallow Price Gouging On Bleachers Tickets, And Donate To Ally Coalition

Bleachers bandleader and constant pop star collaborator Jack Antonoff just announced a new album and a massive tour behind it. Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night is shaping up to be an excellent third album from Bleachers, with early singles featuring none other than Bruce Springsteen (!), “45” almost hearkening back to the Steel Train days, and the newest track, “Stop Making This Hurt” officially clocking in as their best song since “I Want To Get Better.” Check out the video above if you haven’t seen it yet.

Spotify plots virtual concert series with The Black Keys, girl in red, Jack Antonoff and more

Spotify has entered the virtual concert market with the announcement of five shows held in May and June. Each show will take place at a unique venue of the artist’s choosing. Blues-rock band The Black Keys will kick off the series later this month with a set at the Blue Front Café in Bentonia, Mississippi, while Jack Antonoff will perform his on a city bus travelling from Brooklyn, New York to Asbury Park, New Jersey.