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Pianist Daniil Trifonov's look at the personal side of J.S. Bach

Acclaimed Russian pianist Daniil Trifonov’s most recent album, Bach: The Art of Life, takes a personal look at J.S. Bach— the husband and father—through his music. It also includes works by his sons, and music from a notebook of compositions created for his family's studies and entertainment.
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Saluting J.S. Bach: Composer to be celebrated at birthday concert

BLUE HILL — The Zenith Ensemble, a northern New England-based vocal group whose musicians are among the finest in the United States, will perform Johann Sebastian Bach’s five-voice motet “Jesu Meine Freude” (BWV 227) and other works in honor of Bach’s 337th birthday at 4 p.m. Saturday, March 19, at St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church in Blue Hill. Organist Abraham Ross also will perform a solo on the church’s beautiful Karl Wilhelm pipe organ.
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Q: How many children did J.S. Bach have? A: Loads. Here’s what we know.

209 surviving church cantatas, dozens of concertos, countless organ preludes and fugues. And 20 children. J.S. Bach was a very busy man. Johann Sebastian Bach, with his wives Maria Barbara (m. 1707–1720) and Anna Magdalena (m. 1721–1750), fathered 20 children over his lifetime. His first was born in 1708 when Bach was 23, with his last coming into the world in 1742, when the composer was 57. Sadly, only ten survived through to adulthood.
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J.S. BACH “21” – Elisaveta Blumina (piano) – MDG

J.S. BACH “21” Elisaveta Blumina (piano) – MDG SACD904-2232-6, 2021. 71’39 *****. The title of this new release by German pianist Elisaveta Blumina on MDG is called Bach 21.The number may answer the question of how many tracks are on the cd, or perhaps it refers to this artist’s century of specialization, for she is well known for promoting new composers (Grigori Frid) as well as for championing the piano works of Mieczysław Weinberg. Finally it could be just a reference to this year of troubles which could use some powerful art to strengthen our spirits. Before we get to the specifics of the recording, we should consider the unique presentation of this issue. The pianist explains in her liner notes which include a half dozen of her paintings that she is a synaesthetic, that is a person whose auditory and visual faculties are wired such that she hears sound as color. It is not clear how this would benefit an artist, but it does point to an extraordinary sensitivity to the world of sound.
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Handel’s ‘Messiah’: J.S. Bach joins Handel in celebration

Handel’s “Messiah” is a Christmas tradition throughout the world, but Grace Church in Rutland may be presenting the only performances in Vermont this year. And to its annual performances, the church is adding a Christmas cantata by Handel’s colleague Johann Sebastian Bach. “It’s wonderful music to celebrate the season, and...

Recording of November 2021: J.S. Bach: Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello

J.S. Bach: Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello, Vols. 1 and 2. Octave Records OCT-0008 (Multiple formats; auditioned as DSD64). 2021. Five/Four Productions, Ltd.: Thomas C. Moore, prod.; Robert Friedrich, eng. Performance ****½. Sonics *****. Why is Stereophile publishing its fourth review (at least) in three years of a recording of...

J.S. BACH – INVENTIONS – Transcriptions for 2 Four-String Electric Basses

J.S. BACH – INVENTIONS – Transcriptions for 2 Four-String Electric Basses…. The Bach Two-Part Inventions are among the most famous of Baroque keyboard pieces. Marco Di Natale has transcribed this music for two electric basses, making a Bach to Rock connection. Included are 5 pieces: Invention No. 1 in C...

Leipzig Idol: Bach Collegium San Diego Reprises the Musical Competition Between J.S. Bach and His Rivals

For Sunday’s Bach Collegium San Diego virtual concert, Artistic Director Ruben Valenzuela provided an intriguing title: Bach and His Rivals: The Leipzig Auditions. There was nothing speculative about his choice of composers: Georg Philipp Telemann, Christoph Graupner, and J. S. Bach were the top three choices of the Leipzig city fathers in 1722 when they had to select the city’s new Kantor—music director—after the demise of Johann Kuhnau, who had held the august position for many years.

15 pop songs you didn’t know were inspired by J.S. Bach

From The Beatles to Eminem and Lady Gaga, here are all the times Bach’s music unexpectedly appeared in chart-topping pop, rock and rap. Here’s proof that the great Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach is alive and well, and living through some of the most popular music of the last 60 years.

UMass to host fourth J.S. Bach festival and symposium April 20-25

AMHERST — Whenever you have two or more J.S. Bach performances occurring together in one place, you are getting closer to a full-blown Bach festival than you might think. Case in point: It all started innocently enough with one or two numbers, and now the UMass Amherst Department of Music and Dance will host its fourth Bach festival and symposium, titled “Late Style and the Idea of the Summative Work in Bach and Beethoven” April 20–25. UMass students and faculty will join top performers and researchers, virtually, to celebrate the music and legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Composer Richard Danielpour Takes A Page From The Good Book Of J.S. Bach

Composer Richard Danielpour has been incredibly prolific throughout his nearly 50 years in the business. He’s been commissioned to write music for some of the most elite ensembles and artists in the world. His 2018 oratorio “The Passion of Yeshua” was recently nominated for three Grammy Awards, taking home the trophy for Best Choral Performance.

A Guitar Tribute to J.S. Bach on His 336th Birthday

One of the great treasures and marvels of our species: J.S. Bach. The extent of his musical importance would be difficult to overstate. Centuries later, his music still delights, inspires, educates, and endures. I have been in love with the prelude to J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 since I...
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Music Review: Sarasota Orchestra impresses with works by J.S. Bach and sons

Another impressive concert by the string musicians of the Sarasota Orchestra is coming your way online. Thursday’s live concert premiere of “All in the Family” was a stellar display of artistry. I’ve long held that my desert island, one-choice composer would be Bach. Now, it has to include Johann Sebastian and two of his sons, Wilhelm Friedemann and Carl Philipp Emmanuel.