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Conan O’Brien Seemingly Forgives BTS’ J-Hope for Calling Him ‘Curtain’

Conan O’Brien and J-Hope of BTS are not two celebrities one would ever imagine having an inside joke, but thanks to an episode of Run BTS! the two are now bonded forever. In episode 140 of BTS’ weekly variety show Run BTS!, J-Hope was asked to identify a photo of O’Brien, and he mistakenly called the late-night host “Curtain.” After the episode premiered, O’Brien found out about J-Hope’s slip-up but ultimately forgave the BTS rapper.
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Conan O'Brien vows to get revenge on BTS' J-Hope for misidentifying him as "Curtain"

J-Hope was mercilessly mocked by his bandmates for the flub on a Korean variety show. “I’ll get you BTS. Oh, I’ll get you good,” Conan said on his talk show. “And by that I mean I’ll silently resent you, I have no power to do anything to you. You’re going to go on to have huge success. I’m very old and on the way out and you guys are pretty much running the world, so when I say, I’ll get you, I just mean I’m going to stew in my own juices for quite a long time and you’ll be vastly unaware.”

Jung Jiwoo, Older Sister Of BTS’s J-Hope, Signs With Cube Entertainment

YouTuber and fashion influencer Jung Jiwoo has joined Cube Entertainment!. On March 22, Cube Entertainment shared, “Influencer Jung Jiwoo has signed an exclusive contract with us and become part of the family. Please show a lot of interest and love for Jung Ji-woo’s future endeavors as she takes on new challenges with Cube Entertainment.”