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'Mayfair Witches': Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

As winter slowly sets in, and you feel the cold in your bones, know that it’s not just the season, but the slow drifting of the Mayfair Witches to your home, as they arrive in the new year. Also titled Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, the new AMC series is the latest adaptation from author Anne Rice’s novel trilogy Lives of the Mayfair Witches. The series joins the other recent adaptation of Rice’s work on the network, Interview with the Vampire, making this the second television series based on the author’s Immortal Universe. Mayfair Witches aims to focus on the first novel in the series, The Witching Hour, and follows a neurosurgeon, Dr. Rowan Fielding, who learns that she is the descendant and heiress to an influential family of witches who seem to be haunted by a dark spirit.
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Restoration and conservation efforts help Marin's salmon overcome sizable hurdles

photo credit: Courtesy of BLM/flickr With the recent rains, KRCB’s checked in with local fisheries experts Eric Ettlinger and Josh Fuller. Here’s more from the conversation with Ettlinger, Marin Water’s Aquatic Ecologist.     Last winter residents around the North Bay were wowed by video of salmon swimming through neighborhood creeks and small tributaries in Marin County on their way to spawn. Eric Ettlinger, a fisheries expert with Marin Water, said the previous spawning season was hugely successful for Marin’s salmon.   "In this summer, we had a record breaking number of juvenile salmon," Ettlinger said. "In fact, it was along the lines of three times the...

Secret Santa program carries on in third decade running

photo credit: Courtesy of pxhere The holidays are just around the corner and gifts are beginning to gather, including for a good cause.   You might’ve seen paper hearts placed around businesses, banks, or buildings in Sonoma County recently and wondered what exactly they are.   "It started with people needing help at Christmas and the Volunteer Center reaching out to help these people," Tiah Foley said. "Now we raise a quarter million dollars. We serve about 1200 families, and we give out about 29,000 gifts to those in need."   They’re all part of Sonoma County’s Secret Santa program run by Foley.   "I'm Secret Santa for the entire...

Newly unveiled mural transforms school walls and students in the process

photo credit: Courtesy of KRCB/Noah Abrams Art transforms the world around us - just as it does the artist in action. One mural has helped the transformation of people and place in Santa Rosa.   Amarosa Academy is hidden in plain sight among industrial spaces in Southwest Santa Rosa.   Georgia Ioakimedes is the school’s administrator.   "So our program exists primarily to serve students who have been expelled from their school districts," Ioakimedes said. "So we're talking typically about marginalized students, students who have not had a good experience with the school system. In addition to expelled students, we provide students to pregnant and parenting teens."   Ioakimedes said...

Afghan refugee recounts travails on long journey to Petaluma

photo credit: Courtesy of UN OCHA/wikimedia commons When the United States withdrew from Afghanistan last year, the world witnessed the plight of fleeing Afghans on their small screens. The cameras have gone and those who left their homes have begun to rebuild their lives, many in the US, some right here in Sonoma County. At recent meet and greet for the Afghan families who have settled in Sonoma County at Saint John's Episcopal Church in Petaluma one refugee spoke of their flight from Afghanistan.   "How to move from Afghanistan and how to adjust here is not easy to say in a few minutes," Mohammad...

Doors open on renovated Sonoma State lecture hall

photo credit: Courtesy of KRCB/Noah Abrams Recently Sonoma State University officials cut the ribbon on a remodel of one of the campus’ major lecture halls.   Gone are the multi-million dollar lawsuit alleging asbestos-lined walls and dingy corridors of Stevenson Hall.   Excitement for the renovated three story building is palpable; so said the dean of the School of Social Sciences, Troi Carleton.   "Obviously all of our hopes and dreams right now are that it has this kind of energy all the time," Carleton said at the vibrant opening ceremony. "And I was talking to somebody a couple of minutes ago that said we can totally...