Isaac Hempstead Wright


So What’s Isaac Hempstead Wright Up to These Days?

It doesn’t appear that Isaac Hempstead Wright has done that much in the days following his Game of Thrones appearance, but it could be that school has taken more of a priority since at one point it was made clear that he was studying neuroscience, but he was still willing to at least try to act and keep up with school at the same time. One thing you can say about this guy is that he’s dedicated and has been taking his career and his schooling seriously. What is funny is that initially he had no aspirations to be an actor when he was a kid, but joining the drama club managed to get him out of playing sports in the cold, and as one can see it’s worked out for him in a big way. His time in Game of Thrones has been pretty steady save for one season, and the way things ended came as a kind of surprise to a lot of people since Bran the Broken wasn’t really what people thought would happen, though as always there were theories. But it can be said that he’s enjoyed his time on the show and did become one of the most influential individuals within the cast even though he didn’t do much near the end, which was kind of odd.