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What Ina Garten Really Thinks About Her Own Cooking

Ina Garten is the government policy advisor turned specialty food store owner, food TV personality, and living, breathing advertisement for living the good life in the Hamptons (per Food Network). She has written 13 cookbooks, a few of those being "Go-To Dinners," "Cook Like a Pro," and "Modern Comfort Food" (via Barefoot Contessa).
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Ina Garten Enjoys a Sunset Cruise with Husband Jeffrey: 'A Perfect Night'

Ina Garten recently enjoyed a romantic outing. The Food Network star, 74, set sail on a "perfect" sunset cruise Thursday evening with her husband of more than 53 years, Jeffrey Garten, sharing a photo of the sweet moment on Instagram. "The perfect sunset cruise on a perfect night. #happyboy #friendswithboats,"...
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How to Cut Corn Off the Cob the Right Way, According to Ina Garten

Sweet corn is an absolute staple for summer. There are so many ways to cook sweet corn—grill it, roast it, boil it or air-fry it, the list goes on. And while corn on the cob is my preferred method of consumption, sometimes a fresh corn salad calls for individual kernels. I thought I knew how to cut corn off the cob, but it turns out there’s a better way.

Here's How Many Emmy Awards Ina Garten Has Really Won

If you're a fan of watching star chefs cook onscreen, there is no doubt you're familiar with Ina Garten and her highly acclaimed show, "Barefoot Contessa," which recently aired its 28th season on Food Network. Garten is an acclaimed cook and author loved by many for her poise and accessible recipes, which she shares with millions on television and in her more than one dozen cookbooks. While some of her fans may prefer to prepare her renowned roast chicken recipe or iconic American flag cake while referring to the pages in her books, others may find more enjoyment in watching her hit show.

Ina Garten Gives Fans Sweet Glimpses Of The 'Best Specialty Food Store In The World'

After having to spend more than two years away from her home away from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ina Garten is back in Paris. The French capital holds a special place in the Food Network star's heart, not only because it's where she and her husband Jeffrey have celebrated a number of wedding anniversaries, but also because it's where she realized she wanted to learn how to cook. Garten knew she wanted to recreate dishes like the French classic, coq au vin after she and Jeffrey first visited the city in 1971. "I heated it up on my little camping gas stove and I thought, this is the most delicious thing I've ever eaten in my life. I need to know how to make this," the Barefoot Contessa recalled during an interview with MSNBC, according to Insider.

Ina Garten Is Back In Paris And Instagram Is Loving It

Many people likely associate Ina Garten with the Hamptons, not only because the posh New York beach town was the location of the specialty food store she purchased after leaving her White House job in the late 1970s, per her website, but also because it's where her "Barefoot Contessa" show is filmed. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Garten and her husband, Jeffrey, have lived in the area for nearly half of their lives. However, as die-hard fans of the lovable home cook likely know, the couple has long considered Paris, France, to be their second home.

Ina Garten Remembers The Worst Party She Ever Hosted

There's nothing Ina Garten loves more than a good dinner party. In fact, for the most part, the "Barefoot Contessa" host prefers to cook for others. "I would never make a meal just for myself — I wouldn't even begin to think about it," the celebrity chef shared with Bon Appétit. "Avocado toast with a fried egg is about the most extravagant thing I'd make." A few of her other favorite solo meals include a simple bowl of fruit, yogurt, and granola or a helping of Irish oatmeal (via Food Network).

Leslie Mann Describes Ina Garten In The Best Way On Hot Ones

Ina Garten: Queen of elegant cuisine, virtuoso dinner party host, and patron saint of "store-bought is fine." She's been capturing the hearts of millions for nearly two decades thanks in part to her immensely successful cookbooks and her hit Food Network series "Barefoot Contessa." Her lovable personality and all-around calming demeanor have earned her a reputation as one of the culinary world's most universally liked figures. It's also garnered her a host of celebrity admirers — take Garten's friendship with Taylor Swift, who the chef shared some love with on Instagram.

Ina Garten Is The First Guest On The New Julia Child Podcast

The first episode of HBO Max's much-anticipated biographical series "Julia" just dropped, and it's already earning high praise (via Variety) for its portrayal of the real-life Julia Child, the "flesh-and-bones" woman behind the iconic chef, television personality, and feminist figure. If each episode of "Julia" leaves you wanting more (new...

Ina Garten Is Back With a New Show Right in the Comfort of Her Home — Where Does She Live?

From her Perfect Roast Chicken down to Beatty's Chocolate Cake, Ina Garten has been serving up delicious meals for decades. Perhaps you snagged a recipe from one of her 12 cookbooks or followed along with Ina as she taught the world to cook ease on the Food Network's Barefoot Contessa. Regardless of how you entered the yummy world of Ina Garten, you never left hungry.

How to set the perfect table: Ina Garten shares her dinner party tips

Ina Garten joins TODAY to share simple ways to make your dinner table stand out at the next party you throw. Garten says dinner parties don’t have to be large and you can have just four people, adding that all you need is one nice set of plates and cutlery and keep centerpieces simple with a bowl of lemons or small flower arrangements. “I like when people arrive and there’s music playing,” Garten adds.March 24, 2022.