Ida Lupino

The Criterion Channel’s May Lineup Includes Richard Linklater, Ida Lupino, Jean Gabin & More

May on the Criterion Channel will be good to the auteurs. In fact they’re giving Richard Linklater better treatment than the distributor of his last film, with a 13-title retrospective mixing usual suspects—the Before trilogy, Boyhood, Slacker—with some truly off the beaten track. There’s a few shorts I haven’t seen (Fire Ted Cruz, Another Day at the Office, Live from Shiva’s Dance Floor) but most intriguing is Heads I Win/Tails You Lose, the only available description of which calls it a four-hour (!) piece “edited together by Richard Linklater in 1991 from film countdowns and tail leaders from films submitted to the Austin Film Society in Austin, Texas from 1987 to 1990. It is Linklater’s tribute to the film countdown, used by many projectionists over the years to cue one reel of film after another when switching to another reel on another projector during projection.” Pair that with 2008’s Inning by Inning: A Portrait of a Coach and your completionism will be on-track.
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Ida Lupino by Christian Pabst

Album Title: Ida Lupino (Live in Estonia) On a cold winter night, we played a concert in Tallinn, Estonia. What we didn't know is that it was about to become our last gig before a global pandemic forced us to stay at home for two years. This song was our encore that evening. Usually, we only play original music but this time we called one of our favourite ballads by Carla Bley: "Ida Lupino" - and went into trance. It marks the first time that I release a live recording from my trio. Because of the circumstances, this version has a lot of meaning for us and became an important memory. I hope you'll enjoy!

Ida Lupino

Subject: Freedom of Information Act Request: Ida Lupino. Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:. Records relating to, mentioning, or generated as a result of investigation or inquiry into Ida Lupino (February 4, 1918 - August 3, 1995). Proof of death is not required as her date of birth is over 100 years ago. Previously released records indicate Lupino was under consideration as a Confidential National Defense Informant.