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Quick Note Diary: Ida Goodson. #WomensHistoryMonth #BlackAmericanHer/History360

One of the things I have enjoyed about rivers, is that provide the example for how we are to navigate, and move throughout the terrain. Rivers are quiet painters. They have a way about depicting the land in a way, which is soothing and pleasing. I have often found that rivers have a particular mystique about them, which is different from other any other body of water. For one, they know how to maintain truth to their own particular rhythm, while moving through another terrain. They have mastered the artistry in managing, both!
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Quick Note Diary: Ida Goodson! #WomensHistoryMonth

When you hear the voice of an elder, you know when you have been blessed by the Divine. To come across an elder means there is a wealth of knowledge and mystique-the ability to hear the Creator’s voice, and space of wisdom. You know that you have stumbled upon, a blessed thing. In the Spirit of Black America, and her authentic culture, we come to witness the prayers and teachings of our grandmothers. They were those Nanas, the Big Momma’s, and others, who kept home in their prayers. They were the ones, who were the moral support for The Black Church, and Black America’s gardens, as a whole. It was their love and wisdom, which moved mountains, and elevated us to the highest of heights. That was love.
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