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When is the 2021 Love Island baby challenge? Iain Stirling drops major hint!

Love Island has been full of fun, drama and head-turning antics this year (thank you, Toby). But something has been missing… the infamous baby challenge. The baby challenge always sends the Love Island villa into a spin as the Islanders are awoken by screaming and crying from baby dolls that they will have to take care of with their partners in what is generally the hardest relationship test yet.
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Iain Stirling: 'The Stress Around Being The Love Island Narrator Is Hard'

Picking up the phone to Iain Stirling, it’s surreal to hear the voice that’s narrated near every night of my life for the last month in real time. Especially, since I have the same name as a now-former and fleeting Love Island contestant. Iain notes it immediately, joking ‘I think I’ve said Georgia more to you in the last two seconds than I have on the show.’

Love Island: Iain Stirling says he thought the series would be cancelled after one or two years

Iain Stirling, narrator of the ITV2 reality TV series Love Island, says he first thought the series would not last more than one or two seasons. While Love Island originally ran for just two series in 2005 and 2006, Stirling joined the show after it was rebooted in 2015, at which point it became a ratings hit, with the new incarnation currently midway through its seventh season.

Love Island's Iain Stirling thought show would last one series

Love Island may be a huge success with viewers eagerly awaiting its return every year, but one person didn't think it would work out quite so well. Narrator Iain Stirling has admitted that he didn't have high hopes for the ITV2 show when he first landed the job. "We were...
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Comedian Iain Stirling on Love Island, working with a puppet dog and his new sitcom

Narrating the hit dating show sent Stirling’s career into overdrive, but in his new comedy, Buffering, the standup returns to his kids’ TV roots. When Iain Stirling was working as a CBBC presenter in his 20s, he broke up with his long-term girlfriend. Unfortunately, the split occurred just hours before he was contractually obliged to go on a two-day trip to Bristol with the chronically cheerful pop duo Jedward. Later, mordantly recollecting the story in his standup – his original career before children’s TV got in the way – someone from his management team told him: “Your life would be a funny sitcom.”
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Here's what Iain Stirling reckons is a perfect Sunday in Queen's Park

Sundays start off slowly. I walk my maltipoo, Mick Jagger, around Queen’s Park. There are no hills, so if you’re hungover or if, like me, you’re not very fit, it’s perfect. Noon: a falafel fix. Queen’s Park Café makes these incredible falafel wraps. You have to wait a little while...