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KW Contemporary Art presents 'Hunt Slonem: Midsummer Dreams' exhibit

KENNEBUNK, Maine — KW Contemporary Art presents the first solo exhibition of the work of Hunt Slonem. Slonem’s iconic Neo-Expressionist works capture the imagination and allow us to escape to new worlds. In Midsummer Dreams we explore these worlds and dreams they engender. Bucolic bayous, shimmering butterfly wings, and whimsical bunnies together create a world of beauty and opulence. Each lush brushstroke brings a new flight of fancy that asks us to ruminate on the world. Do we create our dreams or do our dreams create us?
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Spotted: Hunt Slonem serving platters from The Queen Bee

Just as Alice followed the white rabbit into Wonderland, we here at inRegister will follow it pretty much anywhere—as long as it springs from the palette of famed bunny-painter Hunt Slonem, that is. The Queen Bee has also followed the trail, setting out these “rabbit run” serving platters in ample time for Easter prep.
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Vestiges of grandeur: Artist Hunt Slonem aims to restore Searles Castle as a private residence

GREAT BARRINGTON — Spend any time at all contemplating the catalogue of Hunt Slonem’s work, and the artist’s proclivity for patterns becomes immediately apparent. “I think divinity is found in repetition,” the Brooklyn-based painter told The Edge. It reveals a belief system metaphysically aligned with noticing the details that abound — in the individual blades of grass upon a lawn, or each completely one-of-a-kind snowflake in a winter storm. Slonem paints five days a week, strictly in his studio, and begins each morning with warm-up exercises of repeating rabbits. “Repetition is a way of imbibing something and becoming one with it; the more familiar you are, the better the alignment.” Slonem calls it the will of the Divine, a perspective likely born of a near-death experience 16 years ago that has him firmly grounded in the present — where the American artist is being counted as one of Great Barrington’s newest residents.

A Look at the Life & Work of Dan’s Cover Artist Hunt Slonem

Get our Hamptons Insider newsletters delivered direct to you. Some people spend most of their life searching for that one true passion that makes them eager to get out of bed in the morning. Many will have decades-long careers before choosing to prioritize that one small activity that brings them endless joy. This week’s January 21, 2022 Dan’s Papers — and inaugural Dan’s Papers Palm Beach — cover artist Hunt Slonem never questioned what path his life would take. His passion for art was clear early on, and he followed it to success and fulfillment.

Hunt Slonem: Curiouser and Curiouser

Hunt Slonem: Curiouser and Curiouser at K Contemporary in Denver features 200 pieces from the New York artist’s career—including his signature bunnies. While exploring the K Contemporary exhibition Curiouser and Curiouser, I felt more of a palpable whimsy than anything that resembled curiosity. Curiosity is a gut feeling that inspires us to ask “what if?” and to peel back layer after layer to reveal hidden truths and unexpected possibilities.
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Excess at its best: LoDo’s K Contemporary gallery gives “bunny artist” Hunt Slonem the big show he deserves

Hunt Slonem is an artist and a brand. He is known best for his large, repetitive paintings of bunnies — and his work is in 250 museums across the globe. It’s also on tote bags, throw pillows, beach hats and assorted tabletop accessories that he sells on his website, as well as in a dedicated “Hop Up Shop” at the Bergdorf Goodman department store. He’s figured out how to what so many artists dream of: sell work on a grand scale while retaining creative credibility. Four-plus decades into his career, he is bigger than ever, and everyone seems to like him.

Hunt Slonem at 70: Bunnies (still) on the brain

For more than five decades artist Hunt Slonem has been painting and reimagining his obsessions: butterflies, birds, bunnies, and portraits of Abraham Lincoln, whom he refers to as his Warhol Marilyn. The Warhol reference is no fluke. Repetition plays a huge role in his work—and excess and extravagance define his...

Maker Monday: An ASPIRE Exclusive Interview With Hunt Slonem

With Easter right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than shining light on renowned artist, Hunt Slonem. Naturally, he is known for his infamous and interesting bunnies that pop up on any given piece he creates. Hunt’s other pieces of work are just as eccentric, eliciting inspiration from other curious creatures including monkeys, butterflies and toucans. Slonem’s work has been seen all over the world as he’s taken part in a handful of special exhibitions (over 350 to be exact.) Maybe the Easter bunny will be good to us all this year and surprise us with a Hunt Slonem piece…but we can only dream, right? Introducing this week’s Maker Monday, Hunt Slonem.
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Hunt Slonem hops up with new home goods collection

Hunt Slonem launched his latest collection quietly, but there’s nothing low-key about these home goods in bright colors with whimsical finches, bunnies and butterflies. His broad collection includes 5-inch square Portrait Plates with bunny line drawings on a variety of background colors ($50 each), lacquered place mats in a variety of styles ($85 each), dinner napkins ($25 each) and cocktail napkins ($60 for a set of 6), lacquered box sets ($225), bedding ($325 and up) and pillows in cotton or a combination of silk and velvet ($325 and up).