Athens farmer goes viral for ‘Hulk’ moment at Bucks game

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WSAW) - Stoney Acres Farm owner Tony Schultz appears to be just as passionate about the Milwaukee Bucks as he is farming. The Bucks shared a video of Schultz on their Twitter account depicting his Hulk-esque excitement and strength following the Buck 104-89 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night.
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A Marathon County farmer fired up the Bucks' crowd with his Hulk shirt-ripping celebrations during the Game 6 victory over the Nets

It was just before halftime of the Milwaukee Bucks-Brooklyn Nets playoff game Thursday night when the crowd at Fiserv Forum needed a hero. Brooklyn had pulled within four points, narrowing what had been a steady lead for Milwaukee. With memories of the Bucks' meltdown in Tuesday night's Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinalsseries still fresh, momentum appeared to be fading.

She-Hulk: The series could introduce Skaar, the son of the Hulk – Tomatazos

One of the main consequences of Marvel keeping information concerning the MCU so suspicious is that all kinds of rumors begin to emerge. Now it is the turn of She-hulk from Disney Plus. As the title indicates, the series will focus on Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany), who is a lawyer who becomes this heroine after a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner. The series is going to be a legal sitcom of 10 episodes of half an hour each.

Soon we will see the most powerful Hulk in Marvel Studios

So far we have seen various versions of the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they have yet to introduce the wildest. Bruce Banner / Hulk has been a very important part of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. He debuted his own solo film in 2008 and has since become a high-end secondary in The Avengers (201), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019). He also appeared in the post-credits scene of iron Man 3 (2013).

What if She-hulk had to choose between the Avengers and the Hulk?

Like the Hulk and the Avengers, She-Hulk’s alliances have always been divided, however, the latest issue of Immortal Hulk confirms that she is always clear about which team she is from. (Spoilers notice) What if She-hulk had to choose between her cousin and the Avengers? Which side would you choose?...

First photos of Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk in the series She-Hulk

Filming is already beginning on Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk series, and actor Mark Ruffalo will reprise the role of Hulk / Bruce Banner. They have shared some very interesting images from the shoot She-hulk (Hulka), the series of Marvel studios which will premiere in Disney Plus. In the photos we can see Mark Ruffalo with motion capture gear ready to return as Smart hulk. Since as we could see in Avengers: Endgame (2019), have now merged the brilliant mind of Bruce banner with the strong and indestructible body of Hulk. A combination that makes him one of the most powerful beings in The Avengers.

Hulk vs Hulkbuster

“All right. He wants a fight, I’ll give him one.”. Sideshow presents the Hulk vs Hulkbuster Maquette, an action-packed Marvel collectible that pits two Avengers against one another in your collection. Tony Stark is a futurist, always thinking ahead- even to the day he might have to battle a friend!...

The Hulk urges 7.5 million people to support Vancouver Island logging protest

Hollywood A-lister Mark Ruffalo has voiced his support for old-growth logging protests on Vancouver Island. On Thursday, the three-time Oscar nominee and portrayer of the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tweeted a link to a petition calling for the end to old-growth logging in B.C. Premier John Horgan...

Marvel will reboot the Hulk looking for an answer to his anger

They have revealed Marvel’s plans for the Hulk, where they promise to explore the fury of the great green hero and for this they have an incredible creative team. The story of Immortal Hulk from Al Ewing It will end at the end of this year, but in November, Marvel comics will relaunch the title as Hulk. To do so, they will bring together the impressive creative team formed by the writer Donny cates, known for his groundbreaking work on Venom Y Thor, and the superstar artist Ryan ottley from Amazing spider-man and Invincible.
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Taika Waititi as Hulk in Goofy Behind-the-Scenes Photo Reminds MCU Fans Why They Love ‘Ragnarok’ So Much

Taika Waititi has become one of the most beloved filmmakers on earth, thanks largely to his work on Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. The charismatic director, writer, and actor is known for his lighthearted sets and willingness to have a little fun with the process. At no point was this clearer than in a recent behind-the-scenes photo in which Waititi, playing Hulk for Mark Ruffalo, got intimate with the movie’s star.

Hulk Will Reportedly Continue Experimenting With Time Travel

Time travel is a tricky thing to introduce into any long-running franchise that wasn’t specifically focused on the concept, and it opens itself up to intense scrutiny from fans who dissect every aspect of the mythology including the logistics, not to mention the very real danger that it could eventually devolve into a storytelling crutch used to paper over narrative cracks and continue churning out new content by explaining it all away with the old ‘because time travel’ excuse.
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Marvel theory teases big Hulk twist in future Avengers film

While Marvel fans wait to see what the future has in store for its Avengers, theorists are predicting that things don’t look so bright for one character in particular.A prediction doing the rounds is hinting that a future film will re-introduce Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner as arguably the most unbeatable force in the entire galaxy: World Breaker Hulk.Blockbuster Avengers: Endgame marked the arrival of Professor Hulk – the perfect balance with his human form, Bruce Banner – but, as highlighted by Inverse, Reddit user smileimhigh believes that Banner will surrender control of his body due to the sadness and...

Eric Bana not interested in playing the Hulk again

Eric Bana has no interest in playing the Hulk again. The 52-year-old actor portrayed the Marvel superhero in Ang Lee's 2003 movie 'Hulk' but revealed that he doesn't want to reprise the part of the gamma ray powered green giant, suggesting that he needed convincing to take the role in the first place.

Zack Snyder Likes Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man

Justice League director Zack Snyder participates in a Q&A where he is asked if he likes Marvel and responds in the affirmative adding he also likes Hulk and Iron Man. Snyder answered questions as part of Wired's "Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions" series on YouTube. "Does Zack Snyder like...
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Eric Bana Breaks Down His Career, from 'Hulk' to 'Dirty John'

Eric Bana breaks down his renowned career, including his roles in 'Full Frontal,' 'Chopper,' 'Black Hawk Down,' 'Hulk,' 'Troy,' 'Munich,' 'The Time Traveler's Wife,' 'Hanna,' 'Dirty John' and 'The Dry.' THE DRY is in theaters and On Demand May 21. Transcript. I'm not shy about dying on camera at all.