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Bryce Dallas Howard marks 16th wedding anniversary with Seth Gabel: ‘I am more in love with you than ever’

Bryce Dallas Howard is marking her 16thwedding anniversary with a sweet tribute to her husband, Seth Gabel.TheJurassic World star gushed about Gabel in the Instagram post, which she shared with her 2.4 million followers.Howard, 41, posted a photograph of herself wearing a patterned belted maxi dress with long sleeves as she gazed lovingly at Gabel, 40, who smiled at the camera while wearing a beige jacket over a blue shirt and dark blue jeans.She wrote in the caption: “Seth Gabel, we celebrate 16 years of marriage today and I am more in love with you now than ever. Happy Anniversary....
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China: Investor Howard Marks Unbowed

China’s stock market has stumbled a bit this year, with the Shanghai Stock Exchange index sliding 5%. And big Chinese technology companies listed on U.S. exchanges have really tumbled, as China’s government has attacked them verbally and with more onerous regulation. Online retail titan Alibaba has dropped 57%...

Wharton professor Judd Kessler awarded inaugural Howard Marks Endowed Professorship

The Wharton School named professor Judd B. Kessler as the inaugural Howard Marks Endowed Professor for his research in behavioral economics and behavioral investing. The Howard Marks Endowed Professorship is awarded with the purpose of encouraging and supporting those like Kessler to explore an intersection of business and behavior in the industry sector and apply the results to society, Wharton News reported.

When should you sell your stocks? Billionaire Howard Marks explains

Billionaire fund manager Howard Marks explained in a letter to investors that the decision to sell a stock largely relates to the specific situation. "The decision to trim positions or to sell out entirely comes down to judgment ... like everything else that matters in investing," the co-founder of Oaktree Capital wrote in a fund letter released this week.

Billionaire Howard Marks weighs in on Cathie Wood, deflation and the Fed taper

Billionaire fund manager Howard Marks suggested in a letter to investors that the Federal Reserve's move to roll back its stimulus efforts will likely cause a near-term disruption in financial markets. The co-founder and co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management also weighed in on comments from ARK Invest founder Cathie Wood.

Latest Memo From Howard Marks: The Winds Of Change

Historically, the job of central banks has been to control the level of inflation and make sure the economy grows fast enough to create “full employment.”. The last 20 months have been a most unusual period, thanks primarily to the pandemic, yet many things feel like they haven’t changed over that time span. Each day seems like all the others. Nancy and I mostly stay home and deal with email and Zoom calls – whether relating to work matters or grandchildren. Weekdays don’t feel that different from weekends (this was especially true pre-vaccine, when we rarely ate out or visited others). We’ve had only one one-week vacation in two years. The best way to sum it up is through a comparison to Groundhog Day: every day feels a lot like the day before.

Oaktree's Howard Marks On Where To Invest Your Bonus, Crypto And Private Equity

Bargains are scarce these days, but Howard Marks still sees pockets of opportunity. The co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management and veteran distressed investor spoke with Bloomberg from the Dynasty Financial Partners’ 2021 Investments Forum about the challenges facing investors large and small, where individual investors can seek better returns right now and about his investment in crypto. His comments have been edited and condensed.

Billionaire Howard Marks Drops $29.2 Million on Robyn Moore’s Historic Malibu Estate

Howard Marks — the billionaire investor widely considered one of the world’s foremost trophy property collectors — is still growing his portfolio, now more than nine lavish homes strong. Records indicate the 75-year-old Oaktree Capital cofounder and his longtime wife Nancy have plunked down $29.2 million for a sumptuous estate in prime Malibu, right on the sandy shore of the city’s coveted Broad Beach.

Investing advice from billionaire investor Howard Marks

On December 21, 2020, Logan Lin, current Business and Sports Editor for The Dublin Shield, had the pleasure to interview Mr. Howard Marks, the Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Oaktree Capital. Oaktree capital is the largest investor in distressed debt securities. Mr. Marks is famous for his memos, which he posts on Oaktree Capital’s website regarding his investing views, and outlooks on the US economy.