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Billionaire Howard Marks Snaps Up East Coast-Inflected Beach House in Malibu for $29.2M

Howard Marks made a substantial purchase in Malibu this spring, picking up a 5,525 sq. ft. pad on Broad Beach that looks something like a cross between a misplaced Connecticut Colonial mansion and a midcentury Golden Age power residence. The four-bed, six-bath property sapped $29.169 million from Marks’ wallet, but presumably gave him a place to hang his hat during post-COVID down time in the dreamy Cali sunshine.
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Billionaire Howard Marks Drops $29.2 Million on Robyn Moore’s Historic Malibu Estate

Howard Marks — the billionaire investor widely considered one of the world’s foremost trophy property collectors — is still growing his portfolio, now more than nine lavish homes strong. Records indicate the 75-year-old Oaktree Capital cofounder and his longtime wife Nancy have plunked down $29.2 million for a sumptuous estate in prime Malibu, right on the sandy shore of the city’s coveted Broad Beach.
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Investor Howard Marks on where he's finding opportunity, valuations and bitcoin

Oaktree Capital co-chairman Howard Marks told CNBC on Monday he believes investors can still find attractive opportunities in companies that were heavily impaired by the coronavirus pandemic. In a wide-ranging interview on "Closing Bell," Marks discussed his broader outlook on the U.S. economy, rising bond yields and bitcoin. "If you...

Renowned Billionaire investor Howard Marks backpedals on bearish Bitcoin statements

There seems to be a typical pattern for Bitcoin critics who are making more positive comments about Bitcoin, years after underestimating the assets’ potential. In the same way that a handful of these Billionaires are backpedaling on their previous viewpoints, Howard Marks, the legendary Billionaire investor who is the co-founder and co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, the largest global investor in distressed securities, is taking a positive approach towards understanding the benchmark cryptocurrency Bitcoin, after he had previously dismissed the asset.

Billionaire Investor Howard Marks Thankful His Son Owns Bitcoin

Billionaire Investor Howard Marks, co-founder of $140 billion asset management firm Oaktree Capital Group, has revealed he is “thankful” his son Andrew owns bitcoin and admitted he needs to change his “skeptical view” on cryptoassets. In his latest investor memo, first spotted by Cointelegraph, Marks pointed out that while he...
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Billionaire investor Howard Marks discussed Tesla's valuation, growth vs value investing, and the Fed juicing markets in a recent interview. Here are the 8 best quotes.

Howard Marks advised casual investors who have won big on Tesla to withdraw some of their gains in a recent Bloomberg TV interview. The billionaire cofounder of Oaktree Capital Management also argued that value investors can own growth stocks, without undermining their investing principles. Marks highlighted the Federal Reserve and...

Wall Street Veteran Howard Marks Reconsiders Bitcoin Stance Amid Bullish Run

Despite a few setbacks, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin is continuing its forward trajectory. At the same time, several skeptics are starting to change their tone concerning the leading cryptocurrency. The latest skeptic-turned-enthusiast is Howard Marks, the co-founder, and co-chairman of asset management giant Oaktree Capital Management. Son Convinces...

Family of Billionaire Howard Marks Owns "Meaningful Amount" of Bitcoin

Howard Marks, the most prominent distress debt specialist who co-founded Oaktree Capital Group, mentions that his family now owns a “meaningful amount” of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies in his latest memo to clients. This is the doing of his son, Andrew Marks, who is “quite positive” on the...

Howard Marks January 2021 Memo: Something of Value

Howard Marks memo to Oaktree clients for the month of January 2021, titled, “Something of Value.”. If asked about possible silver linings to this pandemic, I would list first the chance to spend more time with family. Our son Andrew and his wife and son moved in with Nancy and me in Los Angeles at the beginning of the pandemic, as they were renovating their house when Covid-19 hit, and we lived together for the next ten weeks. There’s nothing like getting to spend months at a time building relationships with grandchildren, something we were privileged to do in 2020. I’m sure the impact will literally last lifetimes.

Howard Marks Says Fed Moves Have Had Coercive Effect On Markets

Federal Reserve rate actions have had a coercive effect on the markets and forced investors to move into risk assets, according to Oaktree Capital Group co-founder Howard Marks. “‘This has required people to invest because they don’t want to sit around with their cash,” Marks said Tuesday in an interview...