Hippocrates and Modern Medicine

The Rape of Hippocrates is a book written by Dr. Roger Dunham, a local retired physician. Montecito Bank & Trust sponsored his appearance at their Lunch and Learn event in April, at the Santa Barbara Club. Maria McCall is the director of that active group of goers and doers. As...
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The Father of Medicine: Was Hippocrates an Herbalist?

“Where there is love for mankind, there is love for art of healing.” – Hippocrates. Considered the father of medicine, Hippocrates was a renowned ancient Greek physician and teacher born on the island of Kos in the Aegean Sea. He lived during the Classical Period of ancient Greece, which was a time marked by a strong Athenian democracy and developments in medicine, philosophy, art, architecture, and theater. The ancient Greek empire was flourishing and a lot of what we know about ancient Greece comes from this period of innovation. Surrounded by these democratic ideals and the flow of creativity, trade, and wealth, Hippocrates contributed significantly to the changing landscape of medicine. While we know him as the father of medicine today, Hippocrates may also have played an important role as an herbalist. Let’s explore how he may have been both a renowned physician and celebrated herbalist in his day.
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HIPPOCRATES: improving diagnosis and outcomes in psoriatic arthritis

Combining the diverse expertise of clinical and scientific researchers from across Europe as well as patient representatives and pharmaceutical industry partners, the HIPPOCRATES consortium aims to characterize the molecular pathways underlying psoriatic arthritis in order to improve early diagnosis and precision treatment strategies for the disease. Despite many years of...