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“Hippocrates”: When interns take care of the hospital | Streaming

Hippocrates, a French series created and directed by Thomas Lilti and premiered on Canal + in 2018, shares the name and focus of a hospital and internal doctors with the 2014 film of the same name, winner of a Caesar, also written and directed by Lilti, of which is a free adaptation, but with different actors and characters. Like Michael Crichton, creator of the Emergency Service series in the 1990s, Lilti was a doctor himself, and this is a profession he has portrayed in his film and television career. He trained until 2014 which makes the way he looks at hospitals realistic.
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The Fantastic Four, Hippocrates, and the Golden Retriever

(This is is part 2 of trying to understand Jrus'e value. In part one we discussed his low-ish ts% and high on/off) Mitchell Maurer and Burt snipes inspired my thinking about categorizing players and the battle between nature and nurture. Back in the day when graphic novels were called comic...