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Lily James, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Himesh Patel To Star in ‘Providence’ For Limelight And Boies Schiller Entertainment

Click here to read the full article. EXCLUSIVE: Lily James, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Himesh Patel are set to star in Providence, a comedy from Dylan Sellers and Chris Parker’s Limelight and David Boies and Zack Schiller’s Boies Schiller Entertainment. Limelight and BSE will fully finance and produce, along with Shannon Houchins’ Hideout Pictures with Potsy Ponciroli directing. Michael Vukadinovich penned the script. The story follows the eclectic residents of a small, picturesque island town who must navigate a sensational murder and the discovery of a million dollars as a series of increasingly bad decisions upends the once-peaceful community. Principal photography begins...
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Himesh Patel shocked by Don't Look Up casting

Himesh Patel was baffled to be cast alongside the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in 'Don't Look Up'. The 31-year-old actor is amazed that he's enjoyed success in Hollywood and despite a string of hit movies behind him, he's still in awe of being amongst such big names.
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Himesh Patel interview: 'I like stuff that intimidates me, I like to be scared'

“I’m from a tiny village in Cambridgeshire, you know, my parents started with nothing and ran a shop, and they continue to run a shop, they wake up every day at 5am and deliver papers,” says Himesh Patel. The 31-year-old, whose acting career has achieved vertical lift-off since he left EastEnders to star in the Beatles-inspired rom-com Yesterday, the time-travelling blockbuster Tenet and the meteoric Netflix hit Don’t Look Up is explaining why he still suffers from impostor syndrome. “It’s such a long line between that and meeting Meryl Streep at a premiere. It’s wonderful but it’s also sort of unfathomable, really.

For Himesh Patel, Filming Station Eleven Made for Some Eerie Parallels to His Own Life

Spoilers for Station Eleven episode nine. The events of HBO Max’s Station Eleven kick off when a flailing freelance writer named Jeevan, played by Himesh Patel, takes in a young actress named Kirsten, played by Matilda Lawler, amid the onset of a highly lethal pandemic. As the season progresses, we see them survive the first months alone in Chicago alongside Jeevan’s brother Frank, and we see an older Kirsten, played by Mackenzie Davis, in her new life as a wandering actress many years after the apocalypse. But it isn’t until episode nine, released on January 6, that we learn what happened to Jeevan.

After a Long Two Years, Himesh Patel Is Looking Up

Himesh Patel didn't set out to court the apocalypse. It just sort of happened. Before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, he had joined the ranks of two fictional end-of-the-world projects, the evocative HBO Max series Station Eleven and the Adam McKay-led comedy Don't Look Up. He'd only filmed a few scenes of Station Eleven, a tale about a devastating pandemic adapted from the book by Emily St. John Mandel, by the time production shut down, and he's spent the ensuing months in a headspace that can only be described as weird. How do you make sense of these coincidences, if we're to call them that? How do you reflect on the art you've made, when it edges unnervingly close to autofiction?

Himesh Patel Finds Hope in Disaster

“It’s not an apocalyptic show like anything before it,” the actor Himesh Patel tells me, of the HBO series Station Eleven in which he stars. Although it is a timely bit of work that centers a world turned upside down by a deadly flu, “it’s got a sense of humor,” he says. “It’s got humanity and truth to it. It’s not trying to be bleak, it’s just being honest.”

'Station Eleven' Producers on Casting Mackenzie Davis, Himesh Patel and Lori Petty (Exclusive)

Adapted from the novel by Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven follows the lives of people trying to survive and rebuild decades after society was wiped out by a deadly flu. “It’s a show about a small group of interconnected people before, during, and after a pandemic,” showrunner Patrick Somerville tells ET about the limited HBO Max series, which features a sprawling ensemble, including Caitlin FitzGerald, David Cross, Deborah Cox, Enrico Colantoni, Himesh Patel, Gael García Bernal, Lori Petty and Mackenzie Davis.