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Volkswagen Chairman Herbert Diess Could Have Run Tesla

It’s hard to think of anyone else when you hear “Tesla” but Elon Musk. Why? The company’s CEO is such a mysterious figure that he overshadows many of the companies other board members and decision-makers. Elon is enigmatic. He is, in many ways, the real-life Tony Stark because he’s a supergenius and the mind behind many great companies and technologies.
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Herbert Diess (Volkswagen Group) rules out hydrogen cars as a solution

There is no quorum on the feasibility of hydrogen as a substitute for fossil fuels in automobiles. Among the manufacturers that do not believe in it, is Volkswagen. Its CEO, Herbert Diess, sent a message to high-level German politicians. Two technologies compete for the replacement of fossil fuels, the electricity...
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After Herbert Diess Criticizes Fuel Cells, SCG Defies The VW ID.4

The path to clean mobility should not matter. Some vehicles are better with batteries. In some others, fuel cells may be the only solution possible despite a lower efficiency. Yet, Herbert Diess has been very vocal against fuel cells – perhaps because the Volkswagen Group bet billions of dollars in battery-electric cars. Jim Glickenhaus saw an opportunity there: challenging Diess to pit the VW ID.4 Norra against the SCG Boot with fuel cells.

VW's Herbert Diess Says To Ditch Hydrogen Cars, Focus On BEVs

There are two main solutions to make cars zero-emission - use of batteries orf hydrogen fuel cells to supply electricity to electric motors. At InsideEVs, we were always backing batteries and are very skeptical about hydrogen, mainly because up to around three times lower energy efficiency. But this is not the only flaw with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV). The other main obstacles are cost of cars and hydrogen fuel and lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure (it's expensive too). All those things have been an issue for at least the last 10-15 years.

Herbert Diess Turned Down Top Job At Tesla Before Becoming VW’s CEO

Volkswagen’s CEO, Herbert Diess, has publicly praised Tesla on a number of occasions. Now, a report claims that the German was offered the title of Tesla’s CEO by Elon Musk before he took on his current role. According to a new report from Business Insider Germany, the executive’s dance card...

VW Works Council Chair talks Herbert Diess and Tesla’s growing influence on German auto

Tesla is not yet producing electric vehicles at Gigafactory Berlin, but the EV maker’s presence is already being felt in Germany’s auto sector. According to sociologist Andreas Boes, director of the Munich Institute for Social Science Research (ISF), Tesla has practically become the “elephant in the room” during interviews with managers and experts from Germany’s auto industry.

Tesla reportedly courted VW's Herbert Diess for CEO job in 2015

Tesla approached current Volkswagen Group boss Dr. Herbert Diess about coming on as CEO in 2015, when Diess was transitioning from BMW. Diess is a long-time admirer of (and early investor in) the California-based EV builder. According to Business Insider (German), Elon Musk himself had an employment contract drawn up...

Reports Say Elon Musk Tried To Hire Herbert Diess As Tesla's CEO

A recent report from Business Insider Germany asserts that former BMW exec, and current Volkswagen Group boss Herbert Diess was offered the Tesla CEO position in 2015. The offer was reportedly extended by none other than the Tesla CEO himself, Elon Musk. You may remember, Elon Musk never really wanted...
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Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess May Have Been Offered Elon Musk's Position Once

Imagining Tesla Motors without Elon Musk at its helm is nearly impossible, and yet sooner or later, the current CEO is bound to step down from his position. Regardless of what his detractors think, it won't be because of one of his tweets or because the company will nose-dive toward bankruptcy, but simply because Elon Musk will want to. Actually, he already did, but every parent knows how difficult it is to find someone with whom you can comfortably entrust your baby.

Herbert Diess May Have Teased The Project Trinity Once Again

Herbert Diess learned his lessons from Elon Musk pretty well. He also chose Twitter as his main platform for sharing important news, even if disguised as something trivial. In a recent tweet about the future, Diess said it would be electric, digital, and autonomous. He also presented four pictures, some of them apparently related to Project Trinity.

VW Boss Herbert Diess Is “Not Afraid” Of Apple’s Automotive Efforts

The boss of Volkswagen isn’t concerned with Apple’s plans to venture into the car industry. Word about an Apple car has been swirling for years but reached fever pitch in December 2020 when it was reported that work on the vehicle was ramping up with the goal of it hitting the market by 2024. Despite the possibility of the world’s most valuable company making a car, VW chief executive Herbert Diess isn’t concerned.

VW CEO Herbert Diess says he isn't worried about impending Apple Car

Herbert Diess says that he isn't afraid of any potential Apple Car. Apple Car is thought to be set for a launch as soon as 2024. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess says that he "is not afraid" of the potential for Apple releasing its own electric car. As far as I can tell, no, he wasn't on BlackBerry's board back in 2007. If he was, he'd probably know better.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess on Apple’s Purported Interest in Making Cars

Reuters: “Volkswagen CEO Diess ‘Not Afraid’ of an Apple Electric Car”:. Germany’s Volkswagen is not concerned by any Apple plans for a passenger vehicle that could include the iPhone maker’s battery technology, its chief executive Herbert Diess said. […]. “The car industry is not a typical tech-sector that you could...

VW Group CEO Herbert Diess Joins Twitter, Pokes Tesla's Elon Musk

Elon Musk has proven Twitter is the place to be for EV advocates. Herbert Diess follows suit. Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess quietly joined Twitter in December 2020. We say quietly since he only has four tweets. While Diess posted two tweets today, the other two came about 24 hours ago. The first tweet was sort of an announcement that Diess is now on Twitter. However, the CEO was careful with his choice of words, as he made sure to draw attention to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.