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Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill fans celebrate Man of Steel’s 8th anniversary – Tomatazos

Man of Steel – 55% is the movie that Warner kicked off the DC Extended Universe in 2013 and is still well remembered by fans. Although mixed reviews were abundant at the time because Zack Snyder decided to change some features of the character, time has given him a better position in the world and just today, on his eighth anniversary, fans take to social networks to celebrate the birthday. Henry Cavill starred in that spectacular adventure as Clark Kent and the DCEU fandom still fondly guards it.
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The Witcher Season 2 First Look Reveals Ciri Becoming A Warrior, But Where's Henry Cavill?

Fans of The Witcher have been waiting well over a year to find out what happens next for Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer. While the updates from star Henry Cavill have delivered some Witcher content to tide us over, very little footage of what's in store in Season 2 was available... until now. Netflix has released a first good look at The Witcher Season 2, and it showcases what's on the way for Ciri. Including becoming a warrior!

The ambitious project that Disney would prepare with Henry Cavill

New rumors came to light about the possible project that Disney would be preparing with Henry Cavill. Some time ago we told you that Henry Cavill wanted to join Disney, but so far there were no more rumors about it. Recently, it was announced that the house of the mouse would be preparing an ambitious live-action and for this, it wants the actor from The Witcher as the protagonist. Also, I would bet on another great celebrity: Ariana Grande. All the details, below.

Man of Steel 2 Release Date: Will Henry Cavill Return as Superman?

With the release of Justice League: The Snyder Cut earlier in 2021. Fans are wondering if and when a Man of Steel 2 will be released, or even if a sequel has technically had the green light. It’s been almost a decade since Henry Cavill was announced to play the...
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Falcon and Winter Soldier Series Coming to Disney Streaming, First Look at Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher, and More!

Read below for today’s headlines from the world of geek news, or listen along through Alexa or iTunes. According to Variety, writer Malcolm Spellman has been hired to write a Marvel television series about Falcon and the Winter Soldier for Disney’s streaming service. Spellman’s previous writing credits include the hit Fox series Empire, and the film Our Family Wedding. There is no further news about the Marvel streaming series at this time.

Henry Cavill to Star in The Witcher, Aquaman Reels in PG-13 Rating, and More!

Read below for today’s headlines from the world of geek news, or listen along through Alexa or iTunes. The Motion Picture Association of America has officially given DC’s upcoming film Aquaman a PG-13 rating. This is consistent with the last five DC releases from Warner Bros., and the MPAA cited “sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and some language” for the rating. Aquaman opens in theaters on December 21st.
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Will Shazam 2 Feature A Real Henry Cavill Superman Cameo? Here’s What The Director Said

In the final moments of David F. Sandberg's Shazam!, fans get what could be called a half-cameo. Superman appears in the last shot of the movie, blowing the mind of Jack Dylan Grazer's Freddy Freeman, but rather than being Henry Cavill appearing as the Man of Steel, the character is only shown from the neck down. It's a cute moment that fans should appreciate – if not especially in light of the fact that the Kryptonian is definitely not going to be making a "full" appearance in the upcoming Shazam! Fury Of The Gods.
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Henry Cavill Shows Off Warhammer Fandom in New Instagram Post

Henry Cavill provided fans with a casual reminder of his Warhammer 40,000 fandom in a recent Instagram post. Earlier this week, The Witcher actor posted a picture on Instagram of him traveling in a jet and preparing for an unnamed project in the US. While Cavill is looking at his phone while reviewing scripts, fans are talking about the books that he brought along with him during the plane ride. One of the books is Penitent by Dan Abnett, the second in a trilogy of novels set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe starring Alizebeth Bequin. Penitent is a continuation of the popular Eisenhorn trilogy of novels written by Abnett which is being developed into a TV series by The Man In The High Castle creator Frank Spotnitz.

Henry Cavill And Bryan Cranston Rumored To Be Teaming Up For New Spy Movie

Henry Cavill is no stranger to the espionage genre, having made it to the final two when Casino Royale was casting the role of James Bond before losing out to Daniel Craig, then going on to star in underrated box office bomb The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and throw down opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, while fifteen years on from his last unsuccessful audition he’s back at the front of the queue when it comes to the next actor to play 007.

Henry Cavill Rumored For Black Adam Cameo Again

For someone that’s only made three appearances as the character in the ten and a half years since he was first cast in the role, there’s been a ton of speculation swirling around Henry Cavill’s future as the DCEU’s Superman, which has only intensified thanks to the triple whammy of HBO Max’s Justice League, the constant chatter surrounding the SnyderVerse and J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the Big Blue Boy Scout.
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Henry Cavill is Reading Warhammer 40K Novels

The Superman and Witcher actor reveals his 40k fandom in a new format. Last year Cavill showed off his miniature painting skills with the Custodes helmet…. Today he revealed he’s a Dan Abnett fan on Instagram…. That’s a copy of Penitent on the top of that stack of books. It’s...

Henry Cavill Reportedly Wants To Do Another Spy Movie To Prove He Can Play James Bond

The James Bond franchise has suffered through its fair share of turmoil and upheaval over the last few years, with plenty of speculation swirling around the future of leading man Daniel Craig following the release of Spectre, and after he finally commited himself to No Time to Die, the 25th entry in the series was delayed by eighteen months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Henry Cavill for the ‘Highlander’ Reboot? Oh Yeah.

Henry Cavill is in high demand lately it would appear and while there’s good reason for it one can’t help but wonder how he’ll fit into the upcoming Highlander reboot, and who he might have at his side or standing against him. There’s no other way that fans are going to want to see this really since in the Highlander franchise it’s been seen that immortals come from anywhere and everywhere, but the thing is that they’re all looking to be the last one, which has happened apparently but is then retconned in another movie or series as the cycle of immortality continues and more are found throughout the world. It’s a bit confusing really, but the overall feeling is that immortals will somehow continue to appear no matter how often one of them thinks that they’re the last. But after his stint as the Witcher and a definite background in action movies, Cavill feels like the right person to plug into this franchise, but he is going to need someone there that can keep up with him and can challenge him in a very serious way. One could say that Christopher Lambert had Sean Connery for this, as well as Clancy Brown, but people need to remember that as Ramirez, Connery was just as much talk as skill, while the Kurgan, aka Brown, was raw power and aggression, someone that challenged Lambert’s character and sought to overwhelm him. Thinking of anyone that could look imposing when standing next to Cavill is kind of tough to be certain. Plus, if the formula of the first movie is followed then it’s a toss-up as to who would serve as kind of a mentor to Cavill’s character and where they might come from.

We Must Admit, Henry Cavill Looks Pretty Awesome as Wolverine

So yes, Henry Cavill does look pretty cool as Wolverine, but the unfortunate part is that he’s still nearly a foot taller than the Canadian mutant. It might be that fans will have to forget about finding an actor that’s compatible with the famed X-Man when it comes to height since one thing that’s obvious is that in the coming months it’s a hope that the X-Men will become more prominent in the news as they continue to make their way towards the MCU. But as far as who might play each character, there’s been no word as to what will happen, and it’s likely that a lot of people are wondering who will take on the role of certain characters, especially the favorites. In fact, it’s a good question as to which characters will even be headed to the MCU to start with. Much like the Avengers, the X-Men and all those they’re affiliated with tend to number in the tens and hundreds when one really digs into the overall story of the team. It’s kind of fair to say that for a lot of the other characters that the margin for error is a little greater, but for Wolverine, one can imagine that fans are going to want to see someone that can possibly rival Hugh Jackman for the role, and won’t be pleased by anything less. Over the years the character has become one of the absolute favorites no matter that he’s not one of the most powerful and he can be defeated by heroes and villains that people didn’t realize had an edge over him. Logan has been one of the most popular characters for a while for a number of reasons, and his power and metal skeleton are only a couple of things that have kept him at the top of many lists.

Henry Cavill Reportedly Gave WB an Ultimatum Regarding Superman Return

Socially awkward straightedge fraud. To a lot of DC fanatics, British actor Henry Cavill can already be considered as the definitive live-action version of Superman but his true status in the DC Extended Universe has been plagued by controversy over the last couple of years. As it stands, we still have no idea whether or not he actually gets to do the Man of Steel sequel he's been lobbying for years to do especially now that WB is adamant about rebooting the character.