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Iran President Hassan Rouhani Says There Is A 'Major' Agreement in Nuclear Talks

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said there was a "major" agreement in weeks of ongoing talks in Vienna with diplomats about Iran's nuclear deal with world powers on Thursday. Rouhani said that "major issues like sanctions" were agreed upon by diplomats, but other issues were still being discussed, the Associated Press reported. Diplomats from Russia and China alongside a European Union official in charge of the talks expressed that more progress is needed in the discussions that will resume next week in Vienna.
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Hassan Rouhani criticises Iranian election criteria

Iran’s outgoing president has criticised a sudden narrowing of the eligibility criteria for those hoping to succeed him as registration formally opened for candidates in the 18 June vote. Dissidents and critics claim the campaign is just a charade and helps provide legitimacy to an autocratic regime but the tensions...
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Iran's Hardline Generals Line up to Replace Hassan Rouhani as President

Prominent members of Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are lining up for this summer's presidential election, which marks the end of moderate President Hassan Rouhani's term and likely a pivot to a more combative and inflexible regime in Tehran. IRGC figures are hoping to capitalize on a conservative wave,...