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The Rock Gives A New Truck To Longtime WWE Employee Harvey Wippleman

The Rock has surprised longtime WWE employee Harvey Wippleman (Bruno Lauer) with a brand new car. Dwanta Claus has been known to surprise certain people in his life with new cars over the years, and his latest automobile gift was for Wippleman, who Rock thanked for being there for him when he was younger. Originally hired in 1991, Wippleman still works behind-the-scenes for WWE. You can click here for his recent comments on what he does for WWE these days.
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The Rock Gifts Downtown Bruno aka Harvey Wippleman A New Truck

Longtime WWE Employee Downtown Bruno Receives New Truck From The Rock. Bruno Lauer, better known to wrestling fans as Downtown Bruno or Harvey Wippleman recently reunited with his longtime friend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on set of “Young Rock”. The Rock posted a video of the reunion, explaining how Bruno...