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Harry Styles and James Corden make a music video for just $300

Harry Styles recruited fellow Brit James Corden to help him shoot a music video for his new song “Daylight” — but they were on a tight budget. The pair cruised the streets of Brooklyn for a segment for Thursday’s episode of “The Late Late Show With James Corden” and asked random people to help them with their three-hour DIY project. Styles, 28, and Corden, 43, only spent $300 on the video and started the show by knocking on random doors to find someone who would let them use their apartment. “I thought this would be easier, Harry, I’ve got to be honest —...
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Harry Styles Is ‘Bummed’ His Tour Will ‘Take Him Away’ From Girlfriend Olivia Wilde: They’re Planning on Taking ‘Little Trips’

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are doing their best to ensure they still get to spend quality time together, despite their respective commitments. "Harry’s excited about his tour but bummed it’ll take him away from Olivia for a while," a source exclusive reveals in the new issue of Us […]
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Harry Styles crashed a random Brooklyn apartment to film ‘Daylight’ music video with James Corden

Harry Styles and James Corden set out with a $300 budget and no plan whatsoever to film the music video for Styles’ song “Daylight," from his new album, "Harry's House." Styles and Corden knocked on random doors in Brooklyn, New York, until they found a group of young women willing to let them into their home to film the music video in three hours as part of a bit for the “Late Late Show with James Corden.”

Harry Styles and James Corden Crash a Brooklyn Apartment to Shoot a Music Video

Harry Styles and James Corden bring "Harry's House" to a Brooklyn apartment on Thursday's episode of The Late Late Show. Styles' latest album, "Harry's House," was released on May 20, and with the help of Corden, the singer must shoot a music video for the song "Daylight" in three hours, with only $300. In the clip from Thursday's episode, Styles and Corden go door-to-door to find someone willing to let them shoot inside their home. After a couple of rejections from Brooklyn locals, the duo find four women who eagerly allow them inside their apartment. Corden quickly makes himself comfortable, rifling through their belongings — and hiding one woman's Harry Styles memorabilia — to shoot the perfect video.

Harry Styles and James Corden Film Low-Budget "Daylight" Music Video in Fans' Apartment

Harry Styles and James Corden just made music-video magic. With three hours to spare and $300 in their pocket, they shot a homemade video for "Daylight" from Styles's new "Harry's House" album. It was an ambitious project, but Styles assured the audience that he was not the one responsible for conceptualizing the challenge. "I can't stress this enough, this was all James's idea," he jokingly told the cameras.

Harry Styles and James Corden Try to Make a Music Video For ‘Daylight’ With $300 and 3 Hours

With the release of his new album Harry's House, Harry Styles is in full promotion mode and he recently had some help from late night host and friend James Corden. In a segment for The Late Show, Styles and Corden made a music video for his hit single “Daylight.” Normally, a video for the former One Direction star would have a pretty huge budget, but to give themselves a challenge they decided to do it on only $300. And in 3 hours.

Harry Styles announces five additional New York City shows to his “Love On Tour”

Coming off two special ‘One Night Only’ shows in New York and London, Harry Styles has announced five additional New York City dates to his Love On Tour in support of his new album Harry’s House. The highly anticipated 2022 tour will allow fans to have access to multiple nights in each major city, turning iconic venues into ‘Harry’s House’ for the run of shows.

Watch Harry Styles, James Corden Film ‘Daylight’ Music Video in a Fan’s Apartment

Click here to read the full article. Harry Styles brought an unexpected collaboration to life on The Late Late Show Thursday night, with the pop superstar enlisting host James Corden to direct a music video for a track off his new album, Harry’s House. Armed with a camera crew and a budget of $300 for the “Daylight” video, the pair hit the streets of Brooklyn in search of the ideal location to create their masterpiece. After a few rejections, Styles and Corden (perhaps with the assistance of some television magic) stumble upon an airy apartment occupied by a group of young women...

Harry Styles Only Spent $300 To Make A New ‘Daylight’ Video With James Corden

Over the years, Harry Styles has been a regular presence on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, so it’s only fitting that he pops up at least one more time before Corden leaves the program next year. Styles dropped by the show last night for a segment in which he and Corden shot a video for Harry’s House highlight “Daylight” on strict budget and time constraints.