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Harley Flanagan sues John Joseph for Cro-Mags trademark infringement

As you may recall, in April 2019, Harley Flanagan and John Joseph resolved their longstanding dispute over the Cro-Mags name. Under that settlement, Flanagan took ownership of the Cro-Mags name while Joseph was granted a license to tour as "Cro-Mags JM." In prior years, both artists had used the name Cro-Mags. Notably, sometimes, Joseph also had used the name "Cro-Mags JM" and "Cro-mags Jam" which he stated stood for Cro-Mags John and Mackie (Jayson, drummer for Cro-Mags classic era and frequent collaborator with Joseph).
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Harley Flanagan Sues John Joseph Over Use of Cro-Mags Name at NYC Show

The hardcore OGs are fighting again. Cro-Mags founder Harley Flanagan has filed a lawsuit against ex-bandmate John Joseph for improperly advertising a show using the Cro-Mags name, which Flanagan owns the copyright to. According to the New York Post, the suit, which was filed in a Manhattan federal court, cites...
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Cro-Mags Founder Harley Flanagan Sues Former Bandmate John Joseph Over 2019 New York City Show

Cro-Mags founder Harley Flanagan and current trademark holder has filed a lawsuit against his former bandmate John Joseph McGowan (a.k.a. John Joseph, John Bloodclot) for allegedly ripping off the group’s name. According to a published report from the New York Post and, the federal trademark infringement lawsuit, filed on Monday by Savoia NYC Inc., which is owned by Flanagan, claims that McGowan used the name “Cro-Mags Jam” in violation of a 2019 settlement agreement giving Flanagan the rights to the Cro-Mags name. The suit alleges McGowan used “Cro-Mags Jam” to promote an April 23rd, 2019 benefit concert in the East Village’s Tompkins Square Park, causing confusion about who was actually performing, according to the filing. Just prior to that concert the two parties came to an agreement in which Flannagan retained the name, logos and all legal rights to release music as Cro-Mags, while Joseph and Mackie Jason were to operate under Cro-Mags “JM.” Flannigan released an album – In The Beginning, and an EP, 2020, via the Mission Two Entertainment label in 2020.

Cro-Mags' Harley Flanagan: "Without Motörhead I Would Not Be Me"

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Harley Flanagan to record unreleased Stimulators songs

As you may know, before Harley Flanagan formed the Cro-Mags, he drummed for The Stimulators, which also included his aunt Denise Mercedes, Patrick Mack, Anne Gustavsson, and Nick Marden. The band released a single 7-inch EP and a live tape, but never recorded a proper studio album. Patrick Mack died in 1983 of complications associated with AIDS, which ended the band.