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Hannah Gadsby moves beyond comedy but promises a ‘playful’ show in Chicago

Few stars have exploded on the comedy landscape like Hannah Gadsby did with her 2018 Netflix special “Nanette.” The show marked her worldwide breakthrough after establishing an acting and stand-up career in her native Australia, and what took the world by storm was its daring honesty. In “Nanette,”...
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Monday on Lake Effect: gerrymandering impact on legislation, social determinants of health, Hala Restaurant Week, comedian Hannah Gadsby, Bubbler Talk

Today on Lake Effect, we’ll look at the fate of popular legislation in light of Wisconsin’s gerrymandered legislature. Then, learn about social determinants of health and how research is shifting the way care is given. We’ll tell you about Milwaukee’s first Halal Restaurant week. We'll hear from Australian comic Hannah Gadsby. Plus, Bubbler Talk looks at the history of Havenwoods State Forest.

Ten Steps to Nanette by Hannah Gadsby audiobook review – startling candour

H — annah Gadsby’s memoir begins, in typically contrary fashion, with the epilogue. Here the self-styled “stand-up performance artist” discusses the runaway hit that was her 2018 show, Nanette, a visceral, soul-baring work that pushed at the boundaries of comedy and, thanks to a Netflix special, turned her into a global sensation. She recalls turning up to the Netflix Emmys party where her most pressing thought was: “What kind of monster would choose a white carpet for an outdoor event?” There she was summoned for an audience withJennifer Aniston, who confided she hadn’t watched Nanette but she was sure she would love it when she did. Gadsby asked, “But what if you hate it?”, at which Aniston patted her hand reassuringly and replied: “I won’t tell you.”

Hannah Gadsby Stays Sunny by Any Means Necessary

“If you take one thing away from this show,” Hannah Gadsby tells an adoring crowd at BAM, “it’s this: Prepare for fame.” If you don’t, she cautions, you’re going to get galactically famous for, say, a stand-up special, wind up sitting next to Richard Curtis, then accidentally tell the writer of Notting Hill that romantic comedy grosses you out. On a scale of one to catastrophe, telling a moviemaker that you hate rom-coms is pretty minor. But it’s been haunting Gadsby, so she lets us know — Helpfully! Usefully! — that we should map out our Richard Curtis thoughts now. You never know.
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Ten Steps to Nanette by Hannah Gadsby, Read by the Author

Every Monday through Friday, AudioFile’s editors recommend the best in audiobook listening. We keep our daily episodes short and sweet, with audiobook clips to give you a sample of our featured listens. Australian stand-up comedian Hannah Gadsby narrates her memoir, Ten Steps to Nanette, wonderfully. Host Jo Reed and...
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Comedian Hannah Gadsby ready 'to go Australian' on Pittsburgh this week

Some comedians save their wit and timing for the stage. Hannah Gadsby seems to just be funny all the time. All it took was 20 minutes on the phone to draw that conclusion about Gadsby, the Australian comedian who quickly rose to fame in 2018 after the release of her Netflix special “Nanette,” where she spoke candidly about living as an LGBTQ+ woman. That special combined comedy, emotional honesty and righteous anger in such a striking way that it won the 2019 Emmy Award for outstanding writing for a variety special.

Things to do this week: Hannah Gadsby, Maluma, Cinco de Mayo and more

With all the humility we can muster, can we agree that South Florida is the most fun, dynamic place in this fun, dynamic state? Just look at the week ahead and the opportunities to say things like Maluma and Deadmau5 and kerfuffle and pamplemousse. And Hannah Gadsby might even say “gay.” So much fun. Here are some of the main events in the week that will be: Hannah Gadsby The Parker, Fort ...

Comedians who are obsessed with their haters are ruining comedy, from Bill Maher to Hannah Gadsby to Dave Chappelle

"From provocateurs like Dave Chappelle to progressives like Hannah Gadsby, comics on the world’s biggest stages are allowing the faceless 'haters' who criticize them on social media to consume their work," says Judy Berman. "As these conflicts escalate, the result is even more attention for these stars. That isn’t just bad for public discourse—it’s bad for a mainstream comedy landscape that too rarely spotlights the many voices doing subtler, gentler, weirder, or more experimental work. In defending their ideas and their work, too many of the most famous stand-ups have become smug, narcissistic, self-righteous, petty. Maher epitomizes this exhausting phenomenon."

V3 Weekend: MØ, Hannah Gadsby, ‘Kamikaze Hearts’

Editor’s Note: Welcome to V3 Weekend, Vanyaland guide to help you sort out your weekend entertainment with curated selections and recommendations across our three pillars of Music, Comedy, and Film/TV. It’s what you should know about, where you need to be, and where you’ll be going, with us riding shotgun along the way.

Hannah Gadsby navigates the mirror maze of trauma as an autistic, gender queer comedian

There is a moment in Hannah Gadsby’s Ten Steps To Nanette that spoke so eloquently about an experience I have never quite been able to articulate that I had to put the book down and go make a cup of tea. Recalling her upbraiding by an art teacher following her submission of a fact-filled essay, Gadsby writes: I felt ashamed that I hadn’t understood what had been expected of me, and even more ashamed by the fact that art on its own apparently didn’t make me ‘feel’ anything. I understood that art made other people feel things, and I thought...

Hannah Gadsby Threatened to Quit Comedy in Nanette. Her New Memoir Proves She's Not Going Anywhere

It’s taken Hannah Gadsby the better part of four years to process the international success of her Netflix special Nanette , but it’s taken her 40 more to process everything that led up to her making it. In her new book, Ten Steps to Nanette: A Memoir Situation , Gadsby writes that she never meant to become a comedian in the first place, much less a household name for threatening to quit comedy, as she did in her 2018 special.