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Hank Azaria wanted to play Joey Tribbiani on 'Friends' so badly that he auditioned twice

Friends is fresh in everybody's minds as the long-awaited Friends: The Reunion special is set to hit HBO Max on Thursday. Now, Hank Azaria has brought new fodder to the table: what would the iconic '90s and early aughts sitcom have been like if Joey Tribbiani were played by him? The 57-year-old admitted on The Late Late Show with James Corden he wanted to be Joey so badly that, for the only time in his career, he insisted on auditioning twice.
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Central Park Comes Alive With the Voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Hank Azaria and Other Celebs

Central Park is New York’s beautifully landscaped backyard and while it may seem to function autonomously, it requires careful upkeep. The groundskeeper in chief for the 843-acre area is the nonprofit Central Park Conservancy, which provides upkeep for the entire park. To raise awareness and funds for the Conservancy, Pereira O’Dell crafted a campaign using New York celebrities to voice various features in the park.
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Hank Azaria Opens Up to Ashleigh Banfield About Roles He Wouldn't Play Anymore

Hank Azaria chatted with Ashleigh Banfield for "Banfield" Thursday, talking about his iconic performances as Agador Spartacus and Apu — and why he will never reprise them. The star of "Brockmire" and of over 700 episodes of "The Simpsons" told Banfield of his flamoboyantly gay, Latin character Agador in the 1996 film "The Birdcage," "I had a lovely time doing that, working with the great Mike Nichols... It should be pointed out that it's a role that I would not play today, and rightly so."

Hank Azaria Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

Hank Azaria takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. How do you pronounce Hank Azaria? Does Hank sing? How did he get started on 'The Simpsons'? Has he been nominated for an Academy Award? Hank answers all these questions and much more. Released...
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The Simpsons recasts a Hank Azaria gay character with a gay actor

The gay character Julio, who previously dated Waylon Smithers, has been recast with the voice of Tony Rodriguez, who is gay and of Cuban descent like his character. Rodriguez made his debut in the role last month. The casting change was partially prompted by a viral video showing every LGBTQ joke on The Simpsons. Rodriguez responded by making a video pleading to join The Simpsons, which caught the attention of producer Matt Selman.
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The Simpsons Recasts Julio Voice Actor, Originally Voiced By Hank Azaria

The Simpsons character Julio has been recast. The character is a gay Cuban man and was previously voiced by Hank Azaria. Julio will now be played by gay Cuban-American actor Tony Rodriguez. As reported by Pride, Julio is the latest Simpsons character to be revoiced by a more representative actor....
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Hank Azaria apologized for playing Apu on ‘The Simpsons.’ I accept.

Mellini Kantayya is an actress and writer. “Part of me feels like I need to go to every single Indian person in this country and personally apologize,” actor Hank Azaria recently said on a podcast. The source of his remorse was the 30 years he spent voicing the character of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the Indian immigrant Kwik-E-Mart clerk on “The Simpsons.”
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“The Simpsons”: Hank Azaria Steps Down As The Voice Of LGBT Character “Julio”

Hank Azaria continues to shed characters with most recent examples being “Carl Carlson” and “Apu”, and now he’s going down the sexual orientation route of characters to make sure he is truly “woke”, in this case, gay character “Julio”. While the singing voice of “Julio” had been previously introduced in “Diary Queens” in the form of actor Mario Jose, speaking voice Tony Rodriguez has officially made his debut in “Uncut Femmes”.

Hank Azaria Elects Richard Kind the Mayor of Hollywood

If this episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well doesn’t absolutely delight you, I don’t know what to tell you. Does anything make you happy? This episode involved two legendary character actors: Richard Kind and Hank Azaria, seeing each other for the first time in a year and a half on Instagram Live, after they figured out how it works. The two talked Brockmire, both the show and the podcast. Then they spent a good amount of time obsessing over their live viewer count, with Kind expressing outrage whenever the number dipped. “We’re interesting people!” he exclaimed, later imploring the audience to “please, call your friends.” If nothing else can make you happy, please take comfort in the fact that Richard Kind is always Richard Kind.
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John Cleese rolls Hank Azaria hard with mock Monty Python ‘apology’

Monty Python legend John Cleese trolled Hank Azaria over his publicly announced regret for voicing “The Simpsons” character Apu — penning his own tongue-in-cheek “apology.”. “Not wishing to be left behind by Hank Azaria, I would like to apologise on behalf on Monty Python for all the many sketches we...