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Haley Pullos Chronicles A Day In Her Working Life

4:30 a.m.: For a 6:45 call time, I set my alarm for 4:30. It’s terrible! I live pretty far from the studio, about 30 minutes without traffic — but in L.A., that doesn’t exist. I usually don’t eat breakfast, I’ll just bring a snack or a protein bar with me and have it on the way. Before work, I do have tea; I switched from coffee because coffee makes me way too jittery!
Soap Opera Digest

Quick Take With Haley Pullos

Molly and TJ are now officially domestic partners … and one of the only remotely happy couples in Port Charles! “Oh, my gosh, it’s the funniest thing. I get tweets about it all the time. So many people have told me we should make T-shirts, which I think is a great idea! I think it could be something like, ‘No. 1 Most Successful Couple In Port Charles.’ ”