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'I'm from freaking Phoenix': Haley Lu Richardson, of 'Montana Story,' on acting and Arizona

In the new film “Montana Story,” Haley Lu Richardson, who grew up in Arizona, does a lot with a little. The film, about a sister (Richardson) and brother (Owen Teague) who come back to the family ranch as their father dies to resolve past trauma, requires Richardson to do a lot with a little. Her character, Erin, is damaged, leaving her quiet, sullen, bitter. ...
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Moody 'Montana': Haley Lu Richardson, Owen Teague star in a tale of family resentment

Whether it’s meant to or not, the gorgeously mounted “Montana Story” is a sneakily perceptive metaphor for a nation divided against itself, a microcosm of love twisted into bitterness, and the obliteration of the mythical land of opportunity. It’s built upon the doings of estranged half-siblings returning to the rotted rural homestead of their father, who – like democracy – is on life support, to address perceived betrayals and flail at recapturing an idyllic childhood financed at the...
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Montana Story’s Haley Lu Richardson discusses the gripping new drama

Montana Story is a quiet and measured film, but there are intense, messy emotions bubbling beneath its surface. Written and directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel, the film centers on the turbulent relationship between a pair of estranged siblings, Erin (Haley Lu Richardson) and Cal (Owen Teague), who find themselves unexpectedly reunited on their family ranch. Brought together by their father’s failing health, Erin and Cal spend most of Montana Story dancing around each other, making brief attempts to reconnect, but never acknowledging the traumatic event that separated them in the first place.

‘Montana Story’ Review: Owen Teague and Haley Lu Richardson in a Well-Acted Tale of Family Demons

Click here to read the full article. If Brad Pitt were a geek, and a gravely serious one — not a more serious actor but a more doleful and pensive presence — he’d be something like Owen Teague. At 23, Teague has been acting since his teens, mostly on television and in occasional movies like “It,” and he resembles Pitt — the swept-back hair and bee-stung scowl, the sullen thick-featured handsomeness set off by a pair of earnest eyebrows. Okay, he’s not as gorgeous (who is?). But even when he’s doing nothing, Teague holds the screen with what feels like...

‘Montana Story’ review : Haley Lu Richardson is quietly radiant in this classic western melodrama

With classical melodrama baked into its bones, Montana Story directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel sets an intimate character drama against the vastness of Montana’s rolling landscapes. Despite the understated nature of the film which prioritizes the minutia of familial expectations there’s a note of peculiarity on how the film is both shot and written that allows the story to transcend some of its clunkier, exposition-heavy moments.

Netflix Acquires YA Romance ‘The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight,’ Starring Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy

Click here to read the full article. Netflix has acquired global rights to the YA romance “The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight,” starring Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy. The film adaptation of Jennifer E. Smith’s popular novel by the same name was financed and produced by ACE Entertainment, the producers of the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” movies. Richardson (“Unpregnant”) and Hardy (“6 Underground”) star in the movie as Hadley and Oliver, two strangers who begin to fall for each other on a flight from New York to London. But, as the official logline explains, “Is it...