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Hailie Deegan Reveals Future Goal: NASCAR World Reacts

Hailie Deegan has been climbing the NASCAR ranks in stock car and truck racing since she was a teenager. But as she approaches the midpoint of her third year in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, she has an even bigger goal for the future. In a recent interview, Deegan...
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Hailie Deegan Has Message For Critics: NASCAR World Reacts

Things got a bit hectic during this weekend's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race. Hailie Deegan summed up her day at Gateway with a message for her critics. “Everyone was upset with everybody. … You could be dead last and you can see 10 trucks trying to wreck each other under caution," Deegan told reporters.

Ford Performance NASCAR: Hailie Deegan Heading Back to Native California for Sonoma Event

HAILIE DEEGAN, No. 1 Monster Energy Ford F-150 – WHERE ARE YOU ON THE AGGRESSION SCALE? “It’s really crazy in the Truck Series. I feel like there’s a lot that happens during these races, a lot of chaos, so I think that it’s hard to avoid it. I think sometimes if you don’t stand up for yourself or do what they’re doing to you back, you’ll get run over quick and it happens quick. So, I think just from now on, and I feel like I’m trying to do more of it, is just racing people how they race me. Someone like, for instance, Ross Chastain. When he comes down to the Truck Series he races aggressive, but he does it in a respectful way. We can race each other really, really hard, but in the most respectful way. We’re not just cleaning people out. He’ll race me hard and I’ll race him hard back and it’s super respectful, so that’s what I like. I really, really like that and I think there are some instances where there are a few drivers in the Truck Series that the moment they get to me they try and move you and you’re like, ‘What did I do?’ But I think that it kind of depends on who you’re racing around. You kind of have to know who you’re racing around and I feel like that affects it a lot is everyone that you could be around at that moment you have to decide like, ‘OK, how are they gonna race me? Are they gonna race me with respect or am I gonna get buy them and they’re just gonna try to wreck me the next corner?’”

Hailie Deegan makes a case for shorter NASCAR Cup Series races

It’s been a recent topic of debate among NASCAR fans. Some are for shorter races while others are totally fine with the length as is and some are in the middle where they support shorter distances in some races but not others. Specifically, the Crown Jewel events. This weekend’s Martinsville Cup race, which was typically 500 laps, was shortened by 100 laps and the race ended in under three hours.

NASCAR driver Hailie Deegan skips Bradenton race over alleged stalker's threats

BRADENTON, Fla. — You may have noticed NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Hailie Deegan wasn't present at the Freedom 500 in Bradenton. The racing standout posted to social media ahead of race day saying her absence was due to dealing with something on the "personal safety side" that she and her boyfriend Chase Cabre had "to get handled."
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NASCAR's Hailie Deegan skips race over death threat against her boyfriend from stalker

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Hailie Deegan revealed Monday that she is concerned for her personal safety after an obsessed fan sent a death threat targeted at her boyfriend and fellow racer Chase Cabre. The ordeal led to Deegan skipping a race last weekend in Florida and has also affected her at-track status for Thursday night's Truck race at Martinsville Speedway.