Gwen Taylor


Why Gwen Taylor Was the Worst Character from L.A. Law

Shows like L.A. Law used to be talked about constantly back in the day since for decades now shows focusing on the law and the many different procedures have been the type that people are really into or have used as background noise if they happen to be daytime shows, kind of like soap operas. In every single one of these shows, there has always been at least one or two people, or more, to take on each and every needed role in the show. In this case, Gwen Taylor, played by Sheila Kelley, was the individual who usually had the worst storylines and was one of the most annoying characters on the cast. Whether this was the way it was supposed to be or if Sheila somehow made the character just a little worse in one way or another didn’t matter since a lot of people were o the same mind that the character was just horrible. Sometimes the worst character on a show is still a great character but is simply marked as the worst since someone has to be.
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