Guy Fawkes


Deaf man 'feels the vibrations' to perform in Guy Fawkes Carnivals

A deaf man has taken part in the Guy Fawkes Carnivals by feeling the vibrations of the music played from the cart. Scott Davey, from Woolavington, Somerset, was able to get involved after his daughter joined Masqueraders Carnival Club. He helped to build the cart and said he has enjoyed...
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Harry Potter star Tom Felton to play Guy Fawkes in immersive Gunpowder Plot attraction

Harry Potter actor Tom Felton is set to play Guy Fawkes in the new immersive Gunpowder Plot experience at the Tower of London, which opens on 20 May 2022. Felton, who starred as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film franchise, will portray Guy Fawkes, whose attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 resulted in his execution in 1606.
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Four who wore hooded robes and Guy Fawkes masks in strange Sonoma County protest sue sheriff’s deputies

Four protesters who were arrested at a wooded Sonoma County retreat two years ago after staging an odd, masked protest against a visiting Berkeley nonprofit group focused on rational thought have sued the retreat and Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies, alleging they were tortured and that one was mocked for being transgender.