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New York City Landmark Transformed for Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion

New York City’s historic Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank is undergoing a transformation. Culturespaces, France’s leading private manager of museums and cultural heritage sites, restored and renovated more than 33,000 square feet in the building to become Hall des Lumières, opening in summer 2022. Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion will serve as the inaugural installation. This marks the first permanent, purpose-designed space in the United States from Culturespaces, the company behind the current wave of immersive digital art experiences.

New York’s First Permanent Immersive Art Center to Open This Summer with Gustav Klimt Experience

Fans of immersive van Gogh experiences, rejoice: the first permanent center for digital art exhibition in the United States is set to open in New York this summer. The space will be named the Hall des Lumières, and it is an outpost of Atelier des Lumières in Paris (as seen in an episode of Netflix’s Emily in Paris). The Manhattan branch capitalizes on the same concept, with works by the world’s most famous artists animated to monumental scale and set to music. Culturespaces, the firm behind the project, is currently renovating the historic Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, a Beaux-Arts building...

France Will Return 15 Nazi-Looted Works, Including Paintings by Gustav Klimt and Marc Chagall

France has finalized the restitution of 15 artworks sold under duress or looted by the Nazis, including paintings by Gustav Klimt and Marc Chagall. The bill passed unanimously on Tuesday in the French National Assembly, and is expected to be approved by its Senate on February 15. In a statement, the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, applauded the vote, saying that the continued dispossession of the art was “the denial of the humanity [of these Jewish families], their memory, their memories.” Among the collection is a painting by Chagall, titled The Father, which was looted from David Cender, a Polish Jewish musician and luthier, who arrived...
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Immersive Night with Gustav Klimt

Fans of extraordinary Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, listen up: the painter will be the focus of a one-night-only immersive experience set to take over the hall currently hosting the popular "Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience" show at Skylight on Vesey in the Financial District. Expect 360-degree projections of Klimt's recognizable...
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There’s an immersive Gustav Klimt experience coming to London

If you’ve ever seen a painting by Gustav Klimt – one of the great masters of modern art – and thought ‘sure, this is nice, but it would be loads better if it was the size of a building and projected on to a wall and you could, like, walk around in it and stuff’, well your dreams are about to come true. Hot on the heels of the Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo immersive experiences, London’s about to get absolutely Klimted.
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Google AI recreates Gustav Klimt paintings destroyed during WWII

Gustav Klimt created some of the world’s most expensive masterpieces, but around 20% of his artworks have been lost. Among them are the so-called Faculty Paintings: Philosophy, Medicine, and Jurisprudence. The three pieces are believed to have been destroyed in a fire during World War Two. Only black and white...